US ruling class split with Biden calling Trump an insurrectionist while Trump declares he will be a dictator if elected!


THE United States of America, the most powerful capitalist country in the world and the leading imperialist nation across the globe, is gripped by a political crisis that is tearing it apart and destroying its claim to be the global ‘democracy’ that every other country must bow down to.

The very political legitimacy bestowed on its all-powerful leader by presidential elections is being publicly shredded as former president Donald Trump is accused by the incumbent president Joe Biden of supporting ‘insurrection’.

Biden said it was ‘self-evident that Trump supported an insurrection’ on January 6, 2021, when armed supporters of Trump invaded the US Capitol building to prevent the inauguration of Biden as president.

Biden made his intervention following a ruling by the Colorado supreme court on Tuesday to disqualify Trump from the upcoming Republican Party primary ballot to choose the next Republican candidate in the next presidential election, on the grounds that this effort to overturn the 2020 election amounted to insurrection.

It ruled that Trump had broken the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution that bars insurrectionists from holding office. While this ruling only applies to the state of Colorado, its ramifications are being felt across the US with other states not in the Trump camp considering similar action.

Ever since the failed coup attempt by Trump supporters, Biden and the Democratic leaders have been careful to stay quiet about the mountain of legal cases being brought against Trump and his role in the attack.

Instead, they have gone out of their way to seek unity with the Republicans in order to get through Congress crucial bills to increase the government debt in order to avoid the US going bankrupt and, recently, to provide the money required to finance the war against Russia in the Ukraine and the genocidal war by Israel to drive Palestinians from their land.

Biden broke this tactic of remaining silent while Trump rampaged across the US vowing that if elected then he will become a ‘dictator for one day’ who will reap vengeance on all those who didn’t support his fight to cling on to the presidency.

Trump has brazenly announced that he will impose his dictatorship on the US, tear aside the pretence of bourgeois democracy and get on with the job of war against workers at home and war against the biggest threat to US world domination, the working class of the world.

This has caused a massive split in the US ruling class between those who see Trump, the would-be dictator, as the iron man to deal with the working class at home on behalf of the bankers and bosses and prepared to wage war on its main enemies abroad like Iran and China.

One section of the US ruling class have nothing but contempt for the geriatric Biden and instead want an all-out war in the Middle East to secure their oil and gas profits, and war against their powerful economic rival China.

The other section are terrified that the working class in the US will not stand for a dictator and that wars abroad will be met by a revolutionary upsurge of workers, youth and the masses across the world.

The defeats suffered by US imperialism in its war to weaken Russia and the failure to crush the Palestinian resistance along with the economic crisis that has left the US drowning in a national debt of over $33 trillion, has caused this seismic political and economic crisis that has created fear in the world capitalist system.

The US was always supposed to be the guarantor of prosperity and security for the entire capitalist world, that relies exclusively on the US dollar and the US military to safeguard the profits of the world capitalist class.

Now this security has been shattered and world capitalism is in its death agony and rapidly approaching the point of explosion.

The international working class has the power to end the world crisis of capitalism by taking power and advancing humanity to socialism.

For this task revolutionary parties of the International Committee of the Fourth International must be built in every country to lead the World Socialist Revolution to victory.