US political crisis over the failure to defeat Hamas will bring down President Biden!


THE abject failure of the imperialist-backed Israeli regime to smash Hamas and crush the resistance of the Palestinian people to the brutal occupation is causing an acute political crisis both in Tel Aviv and Washington.

It is a crisis that is also reverberating across the western governments in the UK and Europe.

The massive support by workers – especially young people and students – for an end to genocide in Gaza and for an independent state of Palestine, now threatens to upend the presidential election in the US and end the chances of Joe Biden securing a second term in office.

Occupations of university campuses have spread across the length and breadth of America.

Despite thousands of students and supporters being arrested and subjected to brutal attacks by the police this movement has continued to grow, posing a massive threat to both Democrat and Republican parties.

The stubborn support for Palestinian resistance was demonstrated on Monday when pro-Palestinian protestors occupied a building in San Francisco that houses the Israeli Consulate.

The protesters occupied the building for several hours posting signs on the front door calling for an end to the Israeli war in Gaza.

They ignored repeated orders from the police to leave and finally had to be arrested and physically removed.

Increasingly, US trade union branches are joining in with 12,000 academic workers at the University of California. Members of United Auto Workers Local 4811, walked out in support of the right to take collective action for Palestine and in opposition to police attacks on pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The fear of the mass movement of youth and workers against the arming of the genocidal Zionist regime and for a permanent and immediate ceasefire has reached to the top of the Democratic Party and its supporters.

The Financial Times reported last month that a top financial donor to Biden called on him to halt arms shipments to Israel, warning that the ‘catastrophe’ of the genocidal war in Gaza threatens his re-election bid.

George Krupp, who held a fundraiser for Biden this week expected to raise $2.5 million for his campaign, told the FT: ‘I think this Israel thing has been a catastrophe for him. I absolutely think that Biden needs to suspend arms shipments both for humanitarian and political reasons.’

In Michigan, 13% of the total vote – over 100,000 Democratic Party members – voted ‘uncommitted’ in the March 15 Democratic presidential primary over Biden’s support for Israel.

Biden is gripped by fear that he has already lost the presidential election because of the complete failure by Israel, despite all the massive military aid poured into it by its US backers, to defeat Hamas and crush Palestinian resistance.

Last Friday, in an attempt to divert a catastrophe, Biden unveiled a three point plan for a temporary ceasefire that he presented as an Israeli proposal.

This ‘plan’ basically involves Hamas giving up its armed resistance and returning its Israeli captives in return for a temporary halt to the bombings – after which the Israeli killing machine would be free to restart its genocidal war.

It turned out that Netanyahu’s ultra-right wing coalition parties had no knowledge of this plan and rejected it outright and threatening to bring down the Israeli government, while Netanyahu pleaded ignorance, despite Biden’s claim he had agreed it.

Far from being defeated and wiped out in Gaza, the resistance of Hamas and the Palestinian people, despite the huge cost in lives, has brought the governments of Israel and the US to a point of a major crisis.

With millions of workers and youth in the US stepping forward and demanding action to end arming Israel the way is open for the working class in America to demand that their unions break with Biden and the Democratic Party.

With the geriatric Biden and the convicted criminal Donald Trump as the choices in the presidential election, the way forward for the US working class is to demand their unions call a general strike to put an end to the rule of the bourgeois parties and go forward to a workers’ government and socialism.

A workers’ government would end all support for the Zionist state and immediately recognise and support the independent state of Palestine.