US-Israel steps up the war against Hamas and also against the working people of the world!


ALI Damush, the vice chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, said yesterday that Israel had resumed its aggression on Gaza by US decision.

He added correctly: ‘This war from the beginning has been America’s war against the Palestinian people, and all American positions and the course of events were indicative that America is not just a partner, but is the decision-maker on the matter,’ he said in a statement on the Telegram messaging app.

He vowed: ‘The resistance in Gaza and in the entire region will not let the Israelis achieve their goals in this war and will not allow the American and Israelis to have the upper hand in the region.’

However this will take more than words. With world capitalism in a desperate economic and financial crisis, the ruling classes of the US and the UK have only one topic, and this is how to make the working class and the peoples of the oppressed nations pay the full price for the developing economic collapse that is well on the way.

Their issue is how to make the working class and the people of the oppressed nations pay the bill to keep capitalism going. This is why Israel is being pushed by the USA to lead the way for seizing the oil rich Gulf.

In fact the current economic and political crisis of capitalism is so desperate that sections of the ruling class are arguing that the time has come to dump the Tory Party and begin a ‘New Party’.

This has a certain ring about it. There hasn’t been such talk of a ‘New Party’ since the 1930’s, when Oswald Mosley paved the way with his own ‘New Party’, for a civil war against the working class which misfired and saw him spending the war years in protective custody.

In fact in the 1930’s the UK had reserves of wealth and the ‘New Party’ proved to be more than a bit premature, landing him in jail for the Second World War years.

Today is a different story, British capitalism is broken and collapsing, and the Tory Party is being condemned as being useless and the yearning has begun again for a ‘New Party’ that will put the working class into its place by smashing the unions.

It has reached the point where some Tories are advocating that the time has arrived to dump the Tory Party into the dustbin of history, and to bring in a ‘new party’ to smash the trade unions and put the working class to work for low or no pay.

The issue for the ruling class is to crush the trade unions at home, and to grab the world’s oil resources in a fascistic series of wars against ‘extremism’ and the rebellion of the oppressed nations.

This is why Hamas, a revolutionary nationalist movement, is the current enemy. The contradiction is that the working class, especially its youth, want to go further and expropriate all the bosses.

There have been at least three massive marches for Palestine that have shaken the establishment because the youth-dominated marches championed the oppressed nations with the slogan ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!’

British youth, as part of the world youth populations, are revolutionary and are prepared to fight for a socialist future at home and abroad. They are in favour of the victory of the worldwide socialist revolution.

They are already joining hands with the working class and people of Palestine and are ready for action to bring down the Tories in the UK and to go forward to socialism worldwide.

Youth are opposed to British imperialism in the Gulf and are angry that 6,150 children have been killed in the besieged Gaza Strip since the start of the war, in order to smash Hamas and make the Middle East safe for the likes of the British imperialist exploiters.

There have already been three massive marches in the UK in support of the workers of Gaza. All called for the defeat of British imperialism and for the Palestinians’ ‘Victory from the river to the sea’. The mass of British youth are socialists and internationalists.

There is however work to be done. The TUC is currently in a massive crisis over the Tory anti-union laws.

It is calling a Special Congress on December 9th and the YS are organising a mass lobby of the Congress.

Join us in demanding that the TUC call a General Strike to bring down the Tories and to give mass support to the workers and youth of Palestine and the Middle East to take over the ownership and control of the region’s oil wealth, and establish a secular state of Palestine and defeat Zionism once and for all!