US and EU backed armed mobs run riot in the Ukraine!


THE imperialist backed Ukrainian right-wing, including self-declared fascist movements, have brazenly made a call to arms, and to prove the point on Tuesday shot dead up to eight police officers as they barred the way to the EU supporters marching on the Ukrainian parliament, burning down the headquarters of the governing party, the Party of the Regions, in the process.

This uprising is now being spread all over the west of the Ukraine, with government offices being taken over or burnt to the ground.

In the face of this onslaught the ruling, elected Stalinist government of Yanukovych, is still seeking to carry on its discussions with the right-wing opposition parties, as if they will listen to reason or accept any other solution than the bringing down of the government and the Ukraine applying to become a protectorate of the European Union.

The EU is continuing from where the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler left off, with its drive to the East and insistence that its leaders have the right to make daily interventions in Kiev, and addressing right-wing mobs and encouraging them to rise up.

There is only one way that Yanukovych can survive and that is to declare Martial Law, and arm the working class to drive the fascists off the streets.

Already entire regions such as the Crimea are urging Yanukovych to fight, and demanding that he take decisive action to secure the independence of the Ukraine from the European and American imperialist predators, who have already decided who is to have the various ministries in a new Ukrainian regime.

Yanukovych is however paralysed and refuses to take decisive action.

After each right-wing outrage the fascists become more and more confident that they are going to be allowed to dictate their terms to the Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the real target of the drive to the East, the Stalinist regime of Putin, is turning a blind eye to the rape of the Ukraine.

Putin and Co continue to term the US, the EU and the UK regimes as its ‘partners’ and continue to help them out in the regions where they have run into difficulties with their regime change plans, such as in Syria.

Putin in this respect is no different to Yanukovych, hoping that something will turn up to make the imperialist powers see sense and return to ‘reasonable behaviour’.

In fact the opposite is the case.

The bloody catastrophic failure in Syria has only driven the imperialist powers to turn East and seek to undermine Russia and the gains of the USSR by dismembering the Ukraine, opening the door to the Caucasus and the way to Moscow.

There can be no reasoning with the Western imperialist powers. They consider that the planet belongs to them.

Their solution to the massive crisis of the capitalist system is regime change all over the planet, no matter how many millions of lives it costs.

Russia must stand up to the imperialist powers in a similar way to the response the imperialists would make if Russia was threatening one of ‘their allies’.

The first step would be for Russia to assure Yanukovych that it will not allow the EU and the US to carry out regime change in the Ukraine, and will respond favourably to any Ukrainian request for assistance.

Russia should then inform its former ‘partners’ that it can no longer help rescue them in Syria, and will play no further part in the evacuation of Syria’s wmds or limiting Iran’s nuclear programme.

This would have the imperialist powers screaming.

However the solution to the world crisis is outside the immediate relations between the US and Russia.

The truth is that the only way to a world safe from the destruction that is being organised by imperialism is for the working class of the world to overthrow capitalism and imperialism through the victory of the world socialist revolution, and the replacement of the capitalist world market with a world socialist republic.

For this to happen, sections of the Fourth International have to be built in every country, to safeguard all of the gains of the working class, wherever they may be, by organising the victory of the world socialist revolution by overthrowing capitalism and imperialism in the US, the EU and the UK.

It is almost 100 years since the first great victory of the world working class in the Russian revolution of 1917.

The workers of the world must celebrate the approach of this centenary by organising the victory of the socialist revolution worldwide, laying the basis for a socialist future.