UK-US Gives Israel Mandate For Mass Bombing Of Lebanon


A SHOCKED Zionist government was yesterday seeking to regroup after the military reverses that it has suffered on the ground at the hands of Hezbollah, including the loss of 13 soldiers with over 20 wounded in the village of Bint Jubayl.

It was seeking to regroup around the shameful Rome summit, where the UK was alone in its support for the Bush-Rice position, that Israel had to be allowed to carry out its offensive against Hezbollah and the Lebanese people.

The support of the UK was enough to get the summit to agree a communique that did not tell Israel that there had to be an immediate ceasefire.

With this decision the Rome Summit signed the death warrants of thousands of Lebanese people.

The communique was seized upon by the Israeli government, as its lifesaver.

The Zionist security cabinet met and decided not to launch a major ground offensive into the Lebanon, but to launch a massive bombing campaign, directed at killing as many of the Lebanese people as it could.

Justice Minister Ramon said: ‘We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world. . . to continue the operation.’

He said that in order to prevent casualties among Israeli soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon, villages should be flattened by the Israeli air force before ground troops moved in.

He added that Israel had given the civilians of southern Lebanon ample time to quit the area and therefore anyone still remaining there could be considered a Hezbollah supporter.

‘All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah,’ Ramon said.

Ramon is stating that everyone in southern Lebanon is Hezbollah and that they will all be killed as their towns and villages are flattened. This is genocide, by the kind permission of Bush, Rice, Blair and Beckett.

The reality of the situation is that hundreds of thousands of people are imprisoned in their homes in southern Lebanon, because as soon as they try to head north and take to the roads they are bombed and machine gunned by Israeli planes.

And we now know that the supply lines for these massive guided bombs reaching Israel, bombs which have destroyed southern Beirut and are now being used to destroy Tyre, pass through Britain, including stopping at British airports such as Prestwick, and flying over British air space.

We also know that when Prime Minister Blair was told recently of the Liberal Democrat request that all sales of British war materials to Israel and their transport there must be embargoed for as long as the Lebanese war lasts, Blair refused to even comment on the issue.

With the Labour government giving the main support to US imperialist policy in the Middle East, using Israel as its proxy, British workers must take action to show their support for the embattled Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.

British Airport trade unions, from the pilots’ union BALPA to the GMB and the TGWU, must take action to stop the transport of all war material supplies to Israel whether they are from the US, the UK or from some other country.

Along with the TUC they must impose a complete trade boycott of Israel, and spread it internationally throughout the world, via the worldwide trade union movement.

Above all, the trade unions must take action to bring down the Blair government. It is smashing the Welfare State at home and encouraging the US and Israel to slaughter the Palestinian and Lebanese people abroad.

What we require is a workers government that will carry out socialist policies and stand with the working people and the poor of the world against capitalism and imperialism.