UK Opts For Syria Regime Change


WITH its recognition of the Syrian ‘opposition’ as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, the UK has joined France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to mount the big push to overthrow the Syrian government and establish an anti-Iranian puppet regime in Damascus, in preparation for the coming assault on Iran.

At the same time, NATO has moved its missiles up to Turkey’s border with Syria ready for an attempt to establish a liberated zone inside Syria from which to organise the march to Damascus – under NATO air cover of course.

This is the imperialist conspiracy that is now on hand.

This is the reason the US and UK leaderships are urging Israel to reach a ceasefire deal with Hamas, and to even make some concessions, so that the President of Egypt will be able to support the NATO effort in Syria without having to worry that Israel’s atrocities in the Gaza Strip could lead to his removal at hone.

The leader of Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah, has observed that the missiles that are being used to counter-attack the Zionist military from Gaza were supplied by Iran and Syria, who, Nasrallah says, never shirked their responsibility of supplying the Palestinian fighters.

Nasrallah also wondered why it was that Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who have armed, supplied and financed the pro-NATO Syrian counter-revolutionaries, have not sent so much as a single bullet to Gaza to help fight the Zionist gangsters.

He concluded correctly that such an action would upset the big brother of the Gulf feudalists, the president of the US, so such a step was always out of the question, as it was for the Egyptian government.

Yesterday afternoon the Egyptian president, Mursi, announced that he expected a ceasefire with Israel to be reached by the evening.

This came after Israel dropped its mask that it was trying to save the lives of civilians by bombing the homes of Hamas leaders.

They were obviously not at home but their families were, and the families of their neighbours.

So, in the last two days, the casualty figures in Gaza rose to 140 dead and a thousand wounded – a ten-fold increase – as the Zionist government and military leadership sought to convince Hamas, of what they already knew, that there was no limit to what the Israeli leadership was prepared to do to achieve their objective in Gaza, and smash the military capacity of Hamas.

However, the Zionists cannot undo the damage that their offensive against Gaza has done to their cause, and to the US and UK imperialist powers – whether there be a ceasefire or not.

The masses of the West Bank have already taken to the streets to support their brothers and sisters in Gaza, to the point where the Popular Committees announced that the Third Intifada has begun and that the anger of the masses is set to massively explode.

Now all that revolutionary anger and energy must be directed to achieving the state of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital and with all refugees having the right to return, and defeating the attempts of the imperialist powers, the pro-imperialist Islamist movements and the feudal regimes of the Gulf to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, to destroy one of the main enemies of imperialism and Zionism in the region.

In his statement to Parliament, Hague said that the Syrian opposition is now a ‘credible’ alternative to the Assad government, and that the UK would not rule out any action to save lives.

Imperialist intervention in Syria will cost tens of thousands of lives. The trade unions in the UK must take action in support of the Palestinian masses, to establish the state of Palestine, and to support the Syrian people against the imperialist powers.

They must call a general strike to ensure that the only regime change that takes place is at home and that it is the Cameron regime that goes and is replaced by a workers government.