Trump Faces Impeachment – US Capitalism Faces Ruin – Forward To The US Socialist Revolution!


LAST WEDNESDAY President Trump sent a 100,000-plus howling mob on a mission to break into the Capitol building to stop the certification of election-winner Biden as the incoming President of the United States.

The mob was equipped with ropes and ladders as well as firearms to do the storming job.

They were not stopped by police or the National Guard whose commanders never gave the order to stop the coup attempt. They proceeded to break into the building sending senators and other riff-raff scurrying to escape and find cover.

Many have made the point that if it had been ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the march to breach the Capitol, they would have been met by thousands of police and troops and would have paid for their audacity with their blood.

Similarly, there would have been a massive hue and cry for mass arrests of the stormers, instead of just a handful of arrests of eccentrics, which are now taking place. In fact, the state by its absence made it clear where its sympathies lay!

In fact, the entire debacle is a testimony to the fact that the US and other capitalist states like the UK are now failed states that can no longer protect their people.

They cannot protect their citizens from mass unemployment, and the Covid-19 plague, and in the case of the USA they have not even tried.

Tens of millions of American workers have lost their jobs, millions are living on the streets, millions are going hungry and the future for US youth is absolutely zero. In fact, the class struggle is sharpening to the point of explosion by the day. In fact, the American ruling class’s century of attempted world domination is over.

Trump recognised this and declared his mission was to make the US great again, and to put the new world giant China – streets ahead of the major capitalist powers, with its nationalised and planned economy – back to where it came from; that is the era when British concessions like the one in Shanghai had notices stating ‘no dogs or Chinese allowed’.

Trump is the declared enemy of the Chinese and the Iranian revolutions, since both have badly dented the power of imperialism.

Trump’s mission to make US capitalism great again, actually requires not just war with China but an all-out war against the US working class to drive wages down so that it becomes profitable for US plutocrats like Trump to invest their cash in the USA again.

Meanwhile, Trump has been able to make political hay on the basis of the massive discontent in the US. However, he has not been able to rescue the US capitalists from their historical crisis.

In fact, the American empire is going to meet the same fate as the British. It will be driven out of areas such as the Middle East and South Asia, only to find that the masses at home will not put up with it either, as they fall prey to massive unemployment, the Covid-19 plague and huge falls in living standards.

The laughable attempt to impeach President Trump, just as he is about to leave office, is a desperate effort to prevent him continuing to be the leader of a section of the millions of US dispossessed.

The new Democratic regime in fact is going to work with Republicans to try and get US capitalism off the economic rocks it is marooned on.

It will need the support of the Republican Party for the developing war with China and its successful revolution, and also for the war with the US working class to force it to accept lousy jobs and lousy wages and conditions.

The real development in the USA has to take place in the working class. The AFL-CIO leaders did not assist their members when they refused to call a general strike when the Trump regime launched its attack on the Capitol.

Now they will face anti-working class attacks from the Democrats supported by the Republicans, no doubt, to try and raise up US capitalism on the backs of the working class.

The US trade unions must break with the Democrats and establish a Labour Party to fight for workers’ power and a socialist revolution in the USA.

The working class must break from both the Republicans and the Democrats and build a section of the Fourth International in the USA to carry out the much-needed US socialist revolution.

There is no other way forward!