Tories plan to govern without the support of the people or of parliament


IN RECENT days, especially after the Tories recognised that they would not have an overall parliamentary majority, we have heard many words about the ‘new politics’ that the Tories and their Liberal collaborators were bringing in, out of their spirit of enlightenment.

The reality of these new politics is now here for all to see.

First of all they stink of betrayal, as the Liberal Democrats have abandoned their opposition to increasing student fees, abandoned their support for an amnesty for ‘illegal migrants’, abandoned their opposition to Trident, abandoned their opposition to £6bn of immediate cuts and abandoned their demand that the UK should join the euro or integrate further into the EU.

These scoundrels can still keep to their views in the privacy of their homes but they must not fight for them in the House of Commons or interfere in any way with the generalised Tory attack on the working class which is to be released shortly

In return for this treachery they have been awarded with five seats in the cabinet and a number of other paying posts – enough to keep them quiet for five years.

The Tory leaders, however, want further guarantees that the odium of what they are about to do to workers’ lives won’t lead to the coalition being scattered to the four winds when it meets the anger of the working class.

The class that has in its genes the Combination Acts, Peterloo, the Amritsar massacre and Bloody Sunday has come up with the answer – and that is dictatorship.

A legislation for five-year terms in which a 55 per cent vote of MPs would be necessary to achieve a dissolution and a general election, which would require over a dozen Tory MPs to defect to provide such a vote, is the first step towards a dictatorship over parliament and the working class.

If a 55 per cent barrier proves to be assailable, then it could be increased to 60 or even 70 per cent, to provide the necessary stability amidst an enormous anti-Tory upheaval.

This Tory scheme, however, brings its rewards. One of these is that it places in front of the working class at point blank range, the truth that the only real right that it has – which can never be taken away – is its right to revolution.

Despite the controversy over the proposed abolition of the right of a parliamentary majority to bring the government of the day down, the allure of office will no doubt prove stronger than principle for the Liberal Democrats and the mass of Tory MPs.

The issue remains that not too far into this parliament the Tories and the rotten coalition will earn the hatred of the vast majority of the people, who will be told that they have to accept what their masters are dishing out and that there is no parliamentary remedy.

At that point the working class must exercise its right to revolution.

A general strike must be called and the coalition be brought down and a workers government constituted by revolutionary action that will expropriate the bosses and the bankers and bring in a socialist planned economy.

What is required of us is that we prepare for this situation by building up the revolutionary party and the Young Socialists so as to be able to provide the necessary leadership that the working class requires.

The present leadership of the working class is incapable of facing up to the end of parliamentary rule and the beginning of open ruling class dictatorship.

They will run away and skulk in a corner leaving the working class to its fate, or like in 1926, they will be forced to call a struggle and then sell it out in nine days or less.

The move of the Tories towards a dictatorship over parliament and the people is just a first step.

When this measure proves ineffective they will move on to even more dictatorial positions to preserve the rule of the bosses and the capitalists.

There is no way forward for the working class accept through a socialist revolution.

This is why all those workers and young people who are serious about the struggle to smash capitalism and bring in socialism must join the WRP today!