Time For The Working Class To Consign The Bosses To The Dustbin Of History!


THE US and UK ruling classes are organising Israel to knife the Palestinian people in a desperate attempt to destroy the Palestinian revolution – no matter how many corpses are required to carry out this particular bloody and violent operation.

At the same time, the British ruling class is exhibiting its historic hatred for the UK working class and vowing to use its newly acquired anti-union laws to smash its trade unions in order to return the working class to the wages and conditions of the hungry 1930s, with its notorious hunger marches.

Last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph declared who was its main enemy, with a page one declaration that ‘British firms are giving up on British workers.’

Its declaration of war on the UK working class continued by quoting the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) : ‘Businesses have become “frustrated” with trying to hire British workers and are increasingly looking abroad to fill vacancies.’

The Telegraph further indicts the working class stating: ‘More than 9 million people of working age have dropped out. The economically inactive population has increased by 884.000 since before the pandemic.’

It adds: ‘Big jumps in wages have not persuaded enough of them to take one of the more than 900,000 vacancies on offer.

‘Instead, employers have been forced to look overseas for the vital staff that they need,’ says Max Mosley, an economist at the NIESR.

He said: ‘International workers are basically propping up the labour market.’ He adds: ‘It is very challenging for employers. The kind of tools that they have at their disposal, to raise wages to try and compete, does not work any more.’

The solution to this crisis has been provided by David Miles, an executive member for the Office for Budget Responsibility. His advice to PM Sunak is that slashing the benefits bill and getting more people into work instead would be ‘unambiguously beneficial’.

The solution to the crisis of British capitalism is to cut wages and slash benefits to return the working class where it came from. However, workers have no intention of going back to the 1930s and the hunger marches.

While the UK bosses are plotting to slash wages and benefits, capitalism with the US and the UK in the lead is backing Israel and is watching and waiting, hoping that Netanyahu can turn 2.3 million Gazans into refugees delivering the Middle East back into the hands of the imperialists.

They want this to be a major lesson for the workers over what will happen if you do not do exactly what the imperialist powers require of you.

In fact, the courageous masses of Palestine and the Red Sea area have shown the imperialist powers a massive combativity with their refusal to bend the knee.

The essence of the current situation is that if the workers stand by and just watch the slaughter, then they will be next and they can kiss their welfare states goodbye for ever.

The UK, EU and US workers must join this struggle and fight for the victory of Palestine.

They must call general strikes to bring their capitalist and imperialist governments down and bring in workers governments and planned socialist economies that will put an end to backward capitalism worldwide and bring in a world socialist republic. This is the only way out of the worldwide bloodbath that the crisis of capitalism and imperialism are producing.

We must now build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International to lead the worldwide socialist revolution to its victory, and put an end to capitalism and imperialism.

What began in Russia in 1917 and continued with the victory of the Chinese revolution must now be extended worldwide with the building of sections of the Fourth International in every country to consign capitalism to the dustbin of history.

The TUC and the leaders of the US and EU trade unions must now be made take action and call general strikes to stop the war against Palestine and begin the class war for the victory of the world socialist revolution. This is the only way forward.