Time for the trade unions to take action to remove broken coalition


The Sunday Mirror/ComRes survey of 2,002 voters has rattled the cages of the major political parties.

It shows that Labour is leading with the support of 39 per cent of those polled, four points lower than the last poll, and under the percentage needed to form a majority government.

It also shows that UKIP on 14 per cent, is five per cent ahead of the Liberal Democrats, who are now as far as this poll is concerned the fourth party, while the Tories polled just 28 per cent.

Support for Ukip has surged by six per cent since the last survey, last month.

Clegg’s approval rating has plunged. Just 14 per cent say he does a good job as deputy leader.

On Cameron, just 34 per cent said that he is showing leadership by pressing ahead with a law to allow gay marriage, and 44 per cent disagreed.

The poll showed anger at both the PM and Chancellor George Osborne on the economy, with 45 per cent saying the recovery is taking longer than expected because spending is being cut too deeply and with 57 per cent saying they expect their family to be worse off in 2013.

The issue here is that the Tory and coalition crisis is not some mid-term electoral tantrum that will end up OK on the night, when the five year term is up.

We are into an ongoing and deepening crisis of the world capitalist system, in fact its greatest crisis ever, which can only be resolved in favour of the ruling class by extraordinary measures against the working class and the middle class at home, and bloody and violent wars of attempted reconquest abroad.

This process has only just begun. Things will get much harder economically for the masses and much sharper politically with open class warfare the order of the day, ie the destruction of the Welfare State and all the gains of the working class.

Meanwhile, the ending of the traditional position of British capitalism in the world, and its reduction to a minor power with even the pre-eminent position of the City of London now under open threat, has seen the ruling class and its Tory party irretrievably impaled on and then split by its historical contradictions, sharpened to the point of explosion.

Some of these are: whether to go forward or back as far as the EU is concerned? Whether to impose capitalist state control of the media or cling on to the remnants of the ‘open society’? Or whether even to embrace gay marriage or not? The Tories and the ruling class that it serves are split on these and many other issues, and no power, either on earth or in heaven, can unite them.

The continuing deepening of the world crisis and the sharpening of the historical crisis of British capitalism can only sharpen the differences within, and bring down the current coalition, splitting the Tory Party in the process.

The hope will be then that it will be possible to replace it with a Labour and majority Tory coalition led by Miliband, with Cameron or another Tory as his partner.

Miliband has long broken with any vestige of socialism and socialist policy, and, knowing the depth of the crisis and the dirty work that will have to be done against the working class, simply wants to replace the present coalition with a Labour-led one, with the same aim – to do all that is necessary to save British capitalism.

The role of the working class is not to stand by and watch this become the reality.

A new leadership must be rapidly built up inside the trade unions to bring down the current coalition with a general strike.

This must bring in, not a Labour government of Ramsey Macs, but a workers government that will bring the historical crisis of British capitalism to an end by putting an end to capitalism, and by carrying out a socialist revolution, bringing in a planned socialist economy to provide jobs and homes for all.

We must rapidly build up the WRP to provide the necessary leadership to see that this is done.