The state is looking to take control


THE capitalist state used to be the mailed fist concealed within the velvet glove in Britain. Its real power was covered by the parliamentary veneer of the primacy of the House of Commons.

This regime is fast disappearing. Today police chiefs and army officers are entering politics. In fact they are starting to scream from the rooftops that the army and the police have been betrayed by the politicians.

The police have now been caught out routinely and illegally bugging conversations between defendants and their lawyers. They are busily using all possible means to build up a national DNA base. In fact they feel that under the politicians their country has gone to the dogs and it is their mission to put it right, with or without parliament.

The police and the military now want to put a sergeant major into every classroom to combat youth who are in revolt against a society that only offers them abuse.

This plan is however just a start to the bigger plan to put the army in charge of society.

The Centre for Policy Studies says ex-soldiers should be retrained as teachers to bring military style discipline to inner city schools.

It says that ex-soldiers have a macho image that could help engender respect and that children from more deprived neighbourhoods ‘often respond to raw physical power’.

Yes, the youth will learn to love a beating!

The current chief of staff, Lord Guthrie, is an ardent supporter of the new projected campaign to restore order amongst Britain’s disaffected youth.

Meanwhile the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), published yesterday, poses much bigger changes, nothing less than a ‘radical constitutional innovation’ to put the soldiers and their political friends in charge of security and all strategic issues concerning the state.

The RUSI press statement says: ‘To address strategic risks and threats coherently, consistently and effectively, the paper calls for radical constitutional innovation in the form of new twin Whitehall and parliamentary committees, that would have a similar effect to the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England, which removed control of interest rates from the political arena. (News Line emphasis) The twin committees would draw together all the threads of government relating to defence and security to meet the global risks and threats of today.’

The MPC took over control of interest rates from the government.

This ‘innovation’ by the military will take all strategic and global matters out of the hands of the government!

The article, ‘which expresses the consensus view of former military chiefs, diplomats, analysts and academics’, claims the proposed committee structure could help to repair the ‘severe erosion of confidence’ and support between the British people, their government and Britain’s security and defence forces.

The new arrangement is to be a military strait-jacket!

Professor Prins and Lord Salisbury write that there are ‘uneasy similarities’ today with the years before the First World War, referring to the period that resulted in the Russian Revolution.

The academics are echoing concerns from the five former Chiefs of Defence Staff, who complained about the mismatch between military commitments and funding on 22 November 2007 in the House of Lords. the paper claims such a mismatch leaves the United Kingdom ‘open to ambush’.

There is to be sky high military spending at the expense of everything else. Professor Prins states ‘Defence and security must be restored as the first duty of government.’

Those working out these proposals included Sir Mark Allen, Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham, Chris Donnelly, Field Marshal, the Lord Inge, Tom Kremer, Lord Leach, Baroness Park of Monmouth, Douglas Slater, General Sir Rupert Smith and Professor Hew Strachan.

Faced with the above threat it is very clear that living standards, jobs, homes and basic rights can only be secured through a socialist revolution that overthrows British capitalism and imperialism, and brings in socialism.