The Republicans Are In A Desperate Crisis While The Democrats Have No Way Forward For Workers


US PRESIDENT TRUMP going down with the coronavirus has sharpened the crisis of the imperialist powers, including the UK, who were up till now in Trump’s back pocket, but have now been thrown into disarray with the prospect that there could be a Biden presidency, after a contest with Vice President Pence, forced to step into the Trump breach if he is unable to stand.

Already in the UK, a looking both ways crisis syndrome has emerged, to try and get in with Biden, with a US-UK trade deal in the balance, as well as the trade deal with the EU.

In Saturday’s Daily Telegraph Juliet Samuel blazed the trail stating that despite Trump’s ‘positive foreign policy achievements … China, North Korea, the Gulf and Israel, and Europe’s free riding in NATO … at heart he is a deeply unpleasant gangster whose closest aides have to carry around resignation letters in their breast pockets in fear of the day he asks them to do something truly unacceptable.’

She continued that she does not want to see Trump die on the job and that: ‘Personally, I want to see Mr Trump rejected at the ballot box for his corruption, spite, incompetence and and contemptible inability to condemn white supremacy.’ This is a very belated attempt to rebuild bridges with Biden.

Elsewhere in Saturday’s Telegraph, there was a new line on Germany emerging, in line with the need for a closure of the trade talks with the EU, headlined: ‘The West needs Germany more than ever before,’ extolling the German ruling class and stating: ‘As democracy is undermined at its heart by an out-of-control US president, a powerful China and a vengeful Russia, one country – Germany – stands as a bulwark of decency and stability. The Western world needs Germany more than either we, or the Germans, dare to admit.’ No doubt there are some who would be in favour of adding ‘come back Adolf – all is forgiven!’

In fact, the truth is that in the US, it is the working class, both black and white, that is on the march, with the 25th September statement of the US AFL-CIO trade unions’ Richard Trumka saying: ‘The AFL-CIO categorically rejects all threats to the peaceful transition of power. The labour movement simply will not allow any breach of the US Constitution or other effort to deny the will of the people.’

Trumka concluded with the warning: ‘America’s workers will continue to be steadfast in defence of our democracy in the face of President Trump’s antics, and we stand ready to do our part to ensure his defeat in this election is followed by his removal from office.’

The US working class has seen 211,975 deaths from the coronavirus, with 7,420,609 confirmed cases. More than 30 million workers have no jobs and millions of workers and youth are homeless, while tens of millions cannot afford not just food, but also any kind of healthcare.

Right wing militias have been given a vote of confidence by Trump and co to fight Antifa and Marxist ‘radicals’. The US workers have had enough of Trump. Either Trump or Pence will be defeated in the November election, and there will be a general strike if either of these two refuse to go.

If the Democrats win the working class will not accept Biden’s pro-boss policies but will demand proper paying jobs, homes and free health care.

The unions will then form a Labour Party with the Trotskyists of the International Committee of the Fourth International on its left wing, to guiding forward the US socialist revolution.

This is at the centre of the US crisis. Capitalism is collapsing, Trump cannot keep it going dead or alive, while Biden will seek to carry out policies to further enrich the bosses and bankers.

US workers will not accept this and will not just take to the streets, but will build a section of the International Committee of the Fourth International to mobilise the US working class to take the power.

This is the way forward. After Trump will not come Biden, but the US socialist revolution and a massive action which will spell the end of the capitalist system on a world scale.

Forward to the American socialist revolution and the victory of the world socialist revolution.