The Death Penalty For Breivik – No Platform For Fascists!


THE fascist who killed 77 people, the majority of them at a youth school of the Norwegian Young Socialists, in bomb and gun attacks in Norway last July has been given a worldwide platform by the Norwegian state to defend his actions, to declare that he is proud of what he did, and to recruit others to follow his example.

He boasted that ‘I have carried out the most spectacular and sophisticated attack on Europe since World War II,’ and told the court that he would do it all again, predicting that there would be an ‘escalation in the future’ and that the fascists would win in the end.

He claimed that ‘These acts are based on goodness, not evil,’ stating that he was not insane and that multi-culturism is the ‘insanity’.

Breivik is not insane. He is a fascist who has replaced the ‘Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy’ with the ‘Muslim threat’. His execution of Norwegian youth is only a semblance of what Europe’s fascists have in store for the working class, the trade unions, the youth and all those who favour multi-culturalism, that is living in peace with the Muslim people of the world.

In order that he should be given a ‘fair hearing’ and be able to propagandise throughout the world, a lay judge, who thought that he deserved the death penalty, was actually removed from the trial.

We repeat that Breivik is not insane. Fascism is that trend which comes on the scene when the ruling classes can no longer control the working class through bourgeois democracy and has to physically destroy working class organisations to keep capitalism going.

It makes workers’ organisations illegal and kills workers and youth in the streets and working class leaders in concentration camps, after splitting society by using either ‘The Jews’ or ‘The Muslims’ as a scapegoat for all of the problems created by the capitalists.

Hitler won the support of the German capitalist class, as the last resort against Bolshevism and Socialism.

Breivik and the various fascist and and ultra-nationalist movements in Europe, such as the English Defence League, are bidding for this same franchise.

And now they are being given a platform from which to recruit, with their leader of the moment, facing either 21 years in jail, about three months a life, or life in a mental institution, where he will be a living symbol for the fascist movement and part of its mockery of bourgeois democracy.

Breivik should have been executed on the isle where he created a mountain of corpses from the socialist youth, and he must now face the death penalty so that fascism is not seen as something to argue with or debate with, or decide whether it is insane or not, but as the vilest product of the capitalist crisis, as it was in the 1930’s, and that it must be destroyed, so that capitalism itself can be destroyed and society move forward from the ‘law of the jungle’ and ‘dog eat dog’ to a socialist society.

There must be no free speech for fascists, and the debate about whether fascism is a form of insanity or not must be junked in favour of mobilising the working class and the youth to drive them off the streets to prepare the way for the socialist revolution.

The idea that fascism can be defeated in a show trial where the issue is whether a fascist is insane or not, is itself insane.

Fascism is a product of the crisis of capitalism, the failure of bourgeois democracy and the refusal of the Labour and trade union leaders to fight for socialism.

No free speech for fascists! Bring in the death sentence for Breivik!

Mobilise the working class and the youth to drive the fascists off the streets!

Smash Capitalism! Forward to the victory of the socialist revolution!