Smash the plan for war against Russia! End threat of imperialist war by organising the world socialist revolution!


WITH capitalism gripped by a deepening worldwide crisis the British ruling class have pushed themselves forward as the most zealous warmongers doing the bidding of US imperialism in a desperate move to provoke a big crisis in Ukraine to try and undermine Russia and wipe out all the gains of the 1917 revolution.

Tory Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, now the darling of the Polish and Ukrainian extreme right-wing has advanced the UK to spearhead a new anti-communist alliance – a trilateral partnership between the UK, Poland and Ukraine.

To cement the deal, Truss flew to Ukraine on Thursday to announce increasing the money supplied by the UK to £100m. She said: ‘We are very proud of the United Kingdom to be at the very forefront of support for Ukraine. We have provided defensive weapons and we have trained 22,000 members of the Ukrainian Army.’

Both US President Joe Biden and Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson have simultaneously warned that Russia has has started ‘false flag’ attacks on its own supporters in the Ukraine to provide a pretext for Russia invading.

The imperialist Anglo-American axis has worked out its line of attack. Biden said on Thursday that he believed an ‘invasion was imminent’ declaring the threat level was ‘very high’. He said: ‘Every indication we have is they’re prepared to attack Ukraine. My sense is it will happen in the next several days.’

Earlier in the day, shells hit a nursery school in the eastern pro-Russian Donbass region of Ukraine, injuring three people. Johnson described the incident at the kindergarten as a Russian ‘false flag operation designed to discredit the Ukrainians’ and clear the way for Russian intervention. He said the West ‘fear very much that that is a thing we will see more of over the next few days’. So the scene was set and the trap was sprung.

All the Ukrainian Army has to do is viciously bombard the Donbass region, blame Russia, scream ‘false flag’ attack, as a pretext for a Russian invasion, and enrol Poland etc as allies, and use the armaments that are being supplied by NATO, combined with massive anti-Russian financial sanctions to make war on Russia.

NATO has already flooded the entire region with tanks, troops and weapons. Only yesterday the US announced it is sending 250 Abrams tanks to Poland.

Workers in the US and the UK will not allow another imperialist war. Workers in their millions rose up against the US and UK-led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

And workers are only too familiar with imperialism’s war provocation hand-book. During the lead up to the Iraq war, Both US President at the time George W Bush and Labour PM at the time Tony Blair claimed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

On that lie they bombed Iraq flat, invaded and occupied resulting in the murder of hundreds and thousands of Iraqis. And of course they did not find a single WMD, why? Because there never was any!

So now the US-UK and EU have flooded weapons into Ukraine and are poking the great bear, desperate to provoke a war. The West is driven to desperation by the economic crisis capitalism is facing, including a massive energy crisis. The US want Europe to rely on US shale gas which is very expensive.

Imperialism wants Ukraine to join NATO, so they can put their weapons, their missiles, their tanks and military bases right up against the border of Russia. This is a completely unacceptable red line for Russia. No matter how many resources imperialism pumps into Ukraine, they are no match for the Russian workers and their army and they know it.

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, sent a 10-page letter to the US ambassador warning of a ‘military-technical’ response if Ukraine was not formally banned from joining NATO and the West did not halt arms deliveries to Kiev.

And the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signalled his country had little hope of joining NATO any time soon, as some nations within the partnership were resistant. ‘The process has stalled,’ he said. There are causes and reasons for that. Not only Russia is against Ukraine joining.’

Workers in the US and the UK must rise up against any war against Russia. They must demand their unions call massive strike action against the latest imperialist drive to war. They must turn any war into a civil war to bring down their own rulers. The enemy of the working class is not Russia. Their enemy is capitalism and its rulers.

This is what is before the workers’ of the UK, under the banner of ‘our enemy is at home,’ to rise up against Johnson and his warmongering and bring this government down, going forward to a workers’ government and socialism in all the major capitalist countries.