Right wingers killing each other in the Ukraine – while their US-EU masters look on!


THE reactionary parties that were assisted by the EU and the US to take power by the coup on February 22 2014, that placed Poroshenko in power, are now fighting and killing each other, with three soldiers killed and over 160 policemen injured in Monday’s clashes alone, after a fascist threw a hand grenade at the police.

The massed ranks of the police that have been assembled to protect Poroshenko are now under attack by the stormtroopers of the ultra-right wing who brought him to power.

Meanwhile, the country has been absolutely bankrupted and ruined, with worse to come as the right-wing militias fighting against the Donetsk and Lugansk people are recalled to join the battle. Ukraine has created a National Police, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Wednesday, referring to the forces that have been assembled and stand between the current government and the graveyard.

That this police force is to be the armed militia of the government Yatsenyuk made clear when he stated: ‘The Ukrainian government at its meeting today is to make a decision to create a body of executive power subordinate to the Cabinet of Ministers – the National Police.’

At the moment, according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, territorial units of the National Police are being formed to fight a civil war in Western Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has charged 18 people with organising clashes near the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev on August 31.

What brought matters to a head was the minor changes that were proposed by the government to try to offer some minor and cosmetic semblances of autonomy to the eastern regions. This is absolutely unthinkable as far as the fascist bands are concerned. They want to immediately crush the east of the country as a prelude to war with Russia to ‘liberate the Crimea’.

The fact that they have been completely unable to batter down the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics has proven to be the beginning of the end for the US-EU agents in Kiev. They have fallen to fighting amongst themselves.

Their failure has encouraged masses of workers from the miners to industrial workers all over the Ukraine to organise actions and take part in protests to try and defend their wages and jobs against the biggest attacks on them since the Second World War.

The current situation is a far cry from the heady days prior to the February 22 2014 coup. This was when US State Department official, Victoria Nuland, was handing out cookies to fascist rioters in Maidan Square, boasting that the counter-revolutionary action had cost the USA $5bn, and that she was now in the position of choosing the personnel of the next government of the Ukraine.

This was the time when the US ambassador and high EU officials addressed mass crowds in Maidan Square and explained to them that it was only Yanukovich and the Communists who stood between them and a glorious future in the EU, first of all as an associate member, and after that the riches would come!

This US-EU gang, not content with destroying Greece, has now smashed up the Ukraine – but they were unable to take it all. The east of the country and the Crimea escaped their death grip, and remain like a big sharp bone in their throats.

The experience of Russia since Perestroika and Glasnost under Gorbachev, and the experience of the Ukraine, delivered into the deadly grip of the EU and the US bosses and bankers, have proven for every worker to see, that there is no way back to capitalism from the huge victory of the October revolution – the only way is forward!

What is required in a situation of the greatest ever crisis of capitalism, as a worldwide system, is the building of the revolutionary leadership of the Fourth International to lead the victory of the World Socialist Revolution.

The restoration of the USSR and the restoration of a Soviet Ukraine will be very important victories in this struggle to replace bankrupt capitalism, a system that is doomed to perish, with a worldwide socialist society where production is organised to satisfy people’s needs!