Repeal all racist immigration laws


SHOCK, HORROR, the BBC has just found out that between 26 and 35 per cent of all of the migrants that are encouraged to come to Britain by the bosses, the gangmasters and the government, intend to stay here.

This revelation was discussed in yesterday morning’s Today programme in tones of disbelief, bordering on a simmering hostility, at the cheek of these people who are not just content to do their stint as cheap labourers and strawberry pickers for the rich and the bosses, before they return with their pittance to eastern Europe.

We are informed that things have now reached such a pass that Wimbledon itself is threatened by a shortage of strawberry pickers, because migrants are seeking out better paid employment – would you believe it.

It was announced, also on the Today programme that this bad news could herald the end of strawberries and cream at the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament, unless of course the tennis enthusiasts bring theirs with them, or do their own picking.

At one time, at Labour Party conferences, the passing of motions calling for the repeal of all racist immigration laws was a matter of course, or habit.

Now after Hodge’s outburst, that Britons must come first as far as housing is concerned – which was supported by Labour chair Blears, 10 Downing Street and the leader of the BNP – you are more likely to see such a motion voted down and replaced by one of the send them back calls.

The fashionable, previously politically correct, champagne socialists are now on the turn, into open reactionaries – some may even be polishing up their jackboots for future use for all we know – we cannot simply ignore the fact that Oswald Mosley founded his New Party in a period of capitalist collapse, after walking out of a Labour government.

It is the deepening world crisis of capitalism, seen in the defeat of the US and the UK in Iraq, the rapidly mounting inflation of basic commodity prices, and the growing collapse of the US and UK economies, both mired in massive and unrepayable debt, with the UK marooned as an island without access to gas or oil, and barred from using coal-power out of its fear of a resurrection of the NUM, that has knocked all of the confidence out of the former petty-bourgeois radicals such as Hodge and opened them up to the most reactionary views.

The essence of the current situation is that the working class is not made up of masses of racists and other ‘dark forces’. In fact it is the formerly enlightened, politically correct middle class that is opting to play the racist card.

There is no place for racism in the trade unions. These have the task of mobilising every worker to raise wages and living standards up for all, through solidarity, workers unity and mass strike actions, and of defending every job through occupations, and a struggle to expropriate the capitalists.

It is the working class that represents progress against the capitalist slump, imperialist wars and the spectre of a world of starving people split and divided by racism and racists.

It is the demoralised petty bourgeoisie that puts itself forward as the representative of the ‘British people first’, and is astonished that people brought into the country to serve, intend to stay here.

The WRP and the News Line welcomes all immigrants and urges them to join trade unions and the WRP to fight to smash British capitalism, to go forward to socialism in Britain, in Europe and throughout the world.

We are opposed to all immigration laws and consider that just as the rich insist on the free movement of capital and capitalists, every worker must have the right to live and work anywhere on the planet.