Reconstitute The Ussr!


UKRAINE’S decision to suspend a deal on closer EU ties and sign a Russian aid agreement instead has helped avoid bankruptcy, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has told ministers at a meeting in Kiev.

Azarov said the package from Russia would provide stability, whereas the package from the EU offered only ruin for the Ukraine’s industries and a semi-colonial status.

This is in a situation where established EU states such as Greece, Spain and Portugal are economic deserts, and Ireland has had to export its younger generation to survive.

Ukraine was being pressured to join a ruin, a completely failed entity, a monument to the bankruptcy of capitalism.

Now, Russia is buying $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and has slashed its gas prices.

Up till now thousands of pro-EU protesters have been holding rallies in Kiev – occupying the capital’s Independence Square – where they have been listening to speakers such as the ex-US Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, urging them to carry out a regime change.

He has had a supporting cast of speakers ranging from Baroness Ashton, the EU’s Foreign Minister, to the deputy speaker of the European parliament and a number of Euro MPs.

It says much for the depth of the world capitalist crisis that even after the debacle of Libya and the failed slaughter to remove Assad in Syria, its architects dare to turn up in Kiev to push the same regime change.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Mykola Azarov spelt out yesterday what the EU and the US had in store for Ukraine. ‘What would have awaited Ukraine? The answer is clear – bankruptcy and social collapse. What a present for the New Year that would be for the people of Ukraine.’

The reason for the compatibility of the Ukrainian and Russian economies is that they were part of the united and integrated planned economy of the USSR, the great gain of the Russian revolution, that allowed one of the most backward countries on the planet to challenge and overtake the US in many spheres, including space technology.

Earlier, it was the engine for producing the tanks and guns with which the Red Army defeated Hitler, despite the Nazi attack that took Stalin by complete surprise, and that was stopped at the gates of Leningrad and Moscow.

Ukraine should now join with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other soviet states in organising a customs union that will ensure the further development of the soviet space.

In fact, the working class of the USSR, principally Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, must take action to reconstitute the USSR, the same USSR that was sold out by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, even after a referendum saw over 70% of the Soviet people vote to retain it.

That this will require a political revolution to overthrow the Stalinist bureaucracy and restore soviet power and rule through workers’ and peasants’ soviets is obvious.

Restoring soviet power will lead to an enormous economic and political development throughout the whole region.

It is obvious that in this period of capitalist crisis this is the only way to begin the real defence of the soviet masses from the threat of imperialist intervention.

Capitalism today is in its death agony.

Lenin and Trotsky organised the Russian revolution as the beginning of the world socialist revolution.

Now is the time to build the Fourth International, to lead the next great liberating socialist revolutions which will be in the capitalist west, in the UK, the EU and in the United States.

The fact that all of the desperate interventions, the counter-revolutionary massacres organised by the imperialists have not in any way eased their situation, spells out that capitalism is a doomed system that is in its death agony and must be overthrown to give humanity a future.

Restoring the USSR through a political revolution, and building sections of the Fourth International all over the world to lead the world socialist revolution to its victory is the way forward for humankind.