Quit The Eu Now! Forward To Socialism!


KEIR Starmer, Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Leaving the EU, will, today in the House of Commons, open a debate for Labour on a motion calling for the government to publish its plan for Brexit before Article 50 is invoked.

Labour knows full well that May will not do this by using the argument that she will not reveal her negotiating strategy for the benefit of the EU ahead of negotiations. Starmer stated yesterday: ‘Labour accept and respect the referendum and we will not frustrate the process of leaving the EU. But Parliament and the public need to know the basic terms the Government is seeking to achieve from Brexit. This issue is too important to be left mired in uncertainty any longer.

‘That is why Labour have called this debate on Wednesday. Our motion is simple but would deliver real accountability and grip in the Brexit process. I hope MPs on all sides of the House will join Labour in supporting it.’

The motion states: ‘That this House recognises that leaving the EU is the defining issue facing the UK; notes the resolution on parliamentary scrutiny of the UK leaving the EU agreed by the House on 12 October 2016; recognises that it is Parliament’s responsibility to properly scrutinise the Government while respecting the decision of the British people to leave the European Union; confirms that there should be no disclosure of material that could be reasonably judged to damage the UK in any negotiations to depart from the European Union after Article 50 has been triggered; and calls on the Prime Minister to commit to publishing the Government’s plan for leaving the EU before Article 50 is invoked.’

The crucial point is, that since the government will not commit to publishing its plan for leaving the EU before negotiations commence, the passing of the motion will see the House of Commons opposing the invoking of Article 50, and see the UK remaining in the EU by default!

Since many Labour constituencies voted by huge majorities to quit the EU, Labour MPs cannot come out into the open and just overrule the 17.4 million who voted to leave – they have to find a weasel way of doing it. For this manoeuvre to be successful and be the banner behind which the House of Lords, the judiciary and numerous other gangs of scoundrels can rally behind to stop Brexit, Labour will need substantial Tory support.

The recent emergence of ex PM Blair to lead the ‘insurgency’ against the EU referendum provided the movement with the leader who has the credentials to do the job. After all, on the basis of a pack of lies he declared a war on Iraq that saw hundreds of thousands of Iraqis slaughtered, and the Middle East turned into a huge killing ground.

The recent defeated motion in parliament that action should be taken against him over the Iraq war, saw him vindicated by 439 votes to 70. Of the 70 MPs voting for further action against Blair, only five were Labour, with the bulk (48) being SNP with six Tories and the sole Green MP. Of the 439 who voted for Blair, a massive 158 Labour MPs joined with 271 Tories to nominate Blair as their political leader.

Thus, a counter-revolutionary alliance has been formed whose purpose is not to re-fight the Iraq war, but to win the war against the working class to make sure that the UK remains in the bankers’ and bosses’ EU that has already ruined tens of millions of EU workers.

On the Blair vote Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had a ‘longstanding engagement’ in his constituency as did other leading ‘left’ figures in his shadow administration such as John McDonnell and Dianne Abbott. Numbers of Tory MPs have already declared that they will vote against Brexit today, since they acknowledge that they hate the unexpected referendum result, and did not vote for Brexit, something that they have in common with May.

Success for this counter-revolutionary alliance today will then prepare the way for the House of Lords to say NO, and reject out of hand the referendum vote. It is becoming crystal clear that the only way that the Brexit vote to quit the EU will be carried out is through the organisation of a socialist revolution to expropriate the bosses and bankers, shut down the Houses of Commons and Lords, sack the judiciary and form a workers government that will ally itself with the workers of Europe to bring down the EU and go forward to the Socialist United States of Europe.