Poroshenko’s anti-Russian provocations are a sign that his end is near and that Ukrainian workers will take back the power!


ALL RUSSIAN men aged between 16-60 have been banned from entering the Ukraine in a further ratcheting up of tensions by the Poroshenko dictatorship, which sees this playing with fire as the only way that it can stay in power.

The ban follows the extreme right-wing President of Ukraine Poroshenko imposing martial law on major parts of the country. With millions of Ukrainians suffering from high prices and low wages, there have been a number of strikes by workers who threatened to march on Kiev arms in hand, and to disband the gangs of fascists that prop Poroshenko up.

The answer of Poroshenko to this crisis is provocation, more provocations and yet more provocations – screaming that the West must send its warships to the Sea of Azov and its troops to the borders with Ukraine to prevent a Russian invasion.

After the Sea of Azov provocation last Sunday, when the Ukrainian regime sent three warships into Russian territorial waters, in an extraordinary statement Poroshenko called on NATO to intervene and send battleships into the Black Sea. If the US carries out such a move it will bring the region and the world to the brink of war. This is how desperate Poroshenko is!

In fact, it has become obvious that the 30-day martial law in Ukraine was declared in order to suspend presidential elections set for 31 March. This is an election which Poroshenko dreads losing. The call for NATO to intervene can only be seen in this context, to come to the aid of Poroshenko and prop up his extreme right-wing regime. The regime includes fascist elements with their own armed wings of footsoldiers complete with Nazi flags and badges.

Poroshenko came to power through the active support of the US and the EU, who encouraged armed fascists to descend on Maidan Square. It was there, in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, that US State Department official, Victoria Nuland, along with the US ambassador Pyatt, addressed the fascists, encouraging them to overthrow the pro-Russian leader Yanukovych, who refused to sell out the Ukraine to the US and the EU.

In fact, the overlordship of the US and the EU has condemned the Ukraine to acute poverty and misery. The EU has restricted the amount of raw materials it will import from the Ukraine to next to nothing, shutting their mines down, or leaving them dormant.

The country has been bankrupted by the EU which has forced massive loans on it, drowning the country in a sea of debt while demanding astronomical rates of interest.

Ukrainian unemployment has soared, while those who are working have not been paid. President Poroshenko’s approval ratings have plummeted and the ‘Orange Revolution’ has revealed itself as the counter-revolutionary coup that it really was.

The Ukrainian miners and other workers have taken strike actions and have refused to submit to the fascist bands that prop up the regime. Not all of the Ukraine was temporarily lost to the fascist bands. Hundreds of kilometres of Ukraine’s border are controlled by the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, who have bravely defended the gains of the Russian Revolution and the liberation of the Ukraine by the Red Army from the fascists during the Second World War. The Crimea, too has been defended from the right-wing coup.

All the provocations of Poroshenko are just indications that his regime is now under the gravest threat from the Ukrainian workers and that the racist bands will not be able to save him. This is why he is desperate to involve the West in military actions around the Sea of Azov and in the Crimea. Workers in the UK must support Ukrainian workers and insist that the May government must not give any support either political or military to the Poroshenko regime.

The Ukrainian workers will soon overthrow Poroshenko and scatter the fascist bands returning the Ukraine to being a workers’ state playing its part in the reconstitution of the USSR. This will be a great day for the workers of the world. Victory to the Ukrainian workers! Down with Poroshenko and his fascist bands! Reconstitute the USSR! Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution!