PM Johnson signs up for US President Biden’s anti-China crusade!


DURING a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, US President Biden proposed that Johnson adopt and join his anti-China crusade, to confront and drive back the Chinese revolution, which has liberated China from imperialism, after being ruthlessly exploited from the period of the Opium Wars onwards, and is now a major rival to the imperialist powers led by the USA.

Biden insisted that ‘democratic countries’ organise their own massive infrastructure plan to rival China’s Belt and Road (OBOR) initiative that has seen China provide aid and material assistance to a large number of struggling African and Asian states.

Johnson is now enthusiastically organising an anti-China crusade for Biden, to try and drive back the Chinese revolution, dumping the Cameron-Osborne Tory ‘collaboration with China policy’ in the process.

This could prove to be a very costly business, costing the UK billions of dollars in contracts, for a starter.

At the same time as Johnson is planning his Chinese intervention his government is actually slashing foreign aid from its statutory level of 0.7%’ of national income. Its decision to cut foreign aid by £4bn a year without a vote in Parliament has been called illegal by the ex-director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald.

The savings will no doubt be used to finance Biden’s counter-revolutionary plans to drive back the Chinese revolution.

As Labour’s Preet Kaur Gill said, cutting the aid budget will ‘strip life-saving support from millions of people, leaving them to die’. Obviously plans to undermine China are much more vital for the US and UK than assisting the poor of the world.

Johnson hopes that his pact with Biden will create the conditions for Biden to OK a trade deal with the UK! If that costs the lives of millions in some new Asian war, so be it, seems to be the Johnson attitude.

If it costs British bosses billions when they have to break off their collaboration with Chinese companies, the attitude seems to be that it will be worth it to keep the favour of US imperialism. Johnson is therefore taking a vital strategic decision to make war on the Chinese revolution, for the benefit of the US bosses.

Labour’s Preet Kaur Gill called on the government in vain to put the foreign aid cut to a vote in Parliament, stating: ‘Failure to do so will diminish Britain’s claim to be a global force for good and weaken our credibility and ability to defend the rule of law around the world.’ In fact, the decision to join Biden’s anti-China campaign has not been put to Parliament, and is unlikely to be in the future.

The UK Prime Minister conferred with five of the Tory politicians that have been sanctioned by China in the Downing Street Rose Garden on Saturday to express his ‘full-throated support’ for them.

This is one day after China announced sanctions against individuals and entities in the United Kingdom over what it called ‘lies and disinformation’ about China’s domestic policy in Xinjiang province.

PM Johnson has already told Tory anti-China MPs led by Iain Duncan-Smith that he is working together with the US towards boosting a global coalition effort to confront China in its ‘ostensible push for supremacy’.

While conferring with Conservative MPs Duncan Smith, Nusrat Ghani and Tim Loughton, as well as crossbench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool, and the Labour Party’s Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, Boris Johnson unveiled the plans outlined to him by US President Biden in a telephone conversation.

The US President had proposed developing a strategy that would offset China’s sweeping Belt and Road initiative, which has been fervently denounced by Washington as ‘predatory’ and a manifestation of ‘debt trap diplomacy’.

Speaking of the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure scheme launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, Johnson was cited as saying: ‘We need to come up with an alternative so that countries have a choice. The West needs to do this.’

It appears that there are unlimited amounts of cash available for a new imperialist confrontation with China. The UK working class must spell it out that its enemy is at home and that it will respond with a general strike and a socialist revolution to any plan to confront the Chinese people and their revolution. This is the only way forward!