PM Johnson Set To Put Brexit Deal With The EU To A Vote Today – Speaker Permitting!


ANYTHING and everything is being used to try and prevent the House of Commons voting to give its support to the government’s Brexit deal to quit the EU by October 31st.

The leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, after the victory of the Letwin delaying amendment on Saturday, announced in the House of Commons that the government would put its Brexit deal to a meaningful vote today.

Letwin’s amendment stated that the deal would not be formally approved until MPs had voted through all of the Withdrawal Agreement Implementation Bill.

Speaker Bercow commented from the Speaker’s Chair that he found the proposed course of action by Rees-Mogg ‘most curious and irregular’ since it served to invalidate Saturday’s vote.

The Speaker concluded that he would be giving a ‘fully considered ruling on this matter on Monday, and I will do so after having taken advice in appropriate quarters’.

Meanwhile, PM Johnson is pluckily refusing to send a signed letter to the EU requesting a quashing of the October 31st leaving date, while sending a signed letter to EU leaders telling them that he wanted them to refuse an extension of the October 31st leaving date.

This has brought the law and order forces of the SNP and the Labour Party down on his head, demanding retribution for this ‘crime’.

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell said on the Sophy Ridge show yesterday morning on Johnson: ‘He may well be in contempt of Parliament or the courts themselves, because he’s clearly trying to undermine the first letter.

‘And not signing the letter, he’s behaving like a spoilt brat. Parliament made a decision. He should abide by it. And this idea that you send another letter contradicting the first, I think it flies in the face of what both Parliament and the courts have decided.’

He went on: ‘It drives at the heart of our democracy, where a prime minister has to abide by the law and if you’re, as a prime minister, trying to undermine a decision made by Parliament that flies in the face of that concept of abiding by the law.’

Asked: ‘So you think it could go as far as going to court?’ he replied: ‘It may well do. Others will decide that matter. But a number of lawyers have already commented that this is seeking to undermine the decision of Parliament and therefore flies in the face of both Parliament and court decisions.’

Labour wants to use the courts to win the war against Brexit, and its 17.4 million voters, by locking its opponents up, starting with the PM!

In fact everything and anything is being used to stop Brexit, so that Britain will be anchored in the bosses and bankers EU for all time. Even last Friday night, just hours before the Saturday special debate, moves were afoot in the Scottish courts to make Saturday’s debate on Brexit illegal!

On Friday night, Scotland’s highest civil court dismissed a legal bid to stop the UK government from passing its proposed EU withdrawal agreement on Saturday. The SNP wanted to censor Parliament!

Anti-Brexit campaigners had argued the deal contravened legislation preventing Northern Ireland from forming part of a separate customs territory.

However, Lord Pentland ruled the application was ‘misconceived and unjustified’. In his written opinion, the judge described the petition ‘of very doubtful competency’ and concluded the petitioner had at best a ‘weak’ case.

This defeat saw Sir Oliver Letwin being brought into the frame with his amendment to stop a vote on the Brexit bill until all of its specific parts had been agreed. Now no doubt the Speaker will prove equal to the task of preventing a vote on the Exit Bill today.

The message is becoming clearer and clearer that the capitalist state and its servants intend to stop at nothing to stop Brexit and rubbish the votes of 17.4 million British citizens. However, workers are getting angrier and angrier and will not allow Brexit to be rubbished.

If the Speaker does not allow a debate and vote on the Brexit bill today, this must be the signal for workers to organise a general strike to leave the EU on October 31st and to go forward to a workers’ government and socialism!