Labour Woos Democratic Unionists!

Brexit supporters on Saturday October 21st demanding MPs vote to leave the EU

LABOUR’S Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer appeared on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show yesterday to urge the Democratic Unionist Party to join Labour in pushing for a second referendum to overturn Brexit.

Starmer said: ‘What we’re trying to achieve is that this deal in particular, but any deal, is put up against Remain in a referendum.’

Starmer has said that he will vote ‘Remain’ in any second referendum.

He went on to urge that Labour embrace the north of Ireland’ Orange Order, saying: ‘I would openly invite the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to talk to us because anybody who wants to improve on the situation, as they do, should be working together.

‘So I think that any MP, any party, but the DUP in particular, if you want to work with us on this, to improve the situation we’re in, our door is open to that discussion.’

The central policy of the DUP is that it should be allowed to exercise a veto over any political developments in the north of Ireland that it is opposed to.

This is the first time that the Labour Party has proposed united action alongside it!

On the Sophy Ridge Show, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell signalled that he would welcome PM Johnson being hauled before the courts for sending two letters to the EU.

McDonnell said: ‘He may well be in contempt of Parliament or the courts themselves, because he’s clearly trying to undermine the first letter.’

Meanwhile, Michael Gove declared to Sophy Ridge: ‘We are going to leave on October 31st. We have the means and the ability to do so and people who yesterday voted for delay, voted explicitly to try to frustrate this process and to drag it out.

Gove declared: ‘I think actually the mood in the country is clear and the prime minister’s determination is absolute and I am with him in this. We must leave by October 31st.’

The government is expected to ask House of Commons Speaker John Bercow for a vote on the Brexit deal today.

Ridge asked Gove: ‘Are you at all worried that the Speaker will not allow you to bring a meaningful vote forward?’

Gove replied: ‘The decision is for the Speaker. But one thing that no MP can do is prevent the legislation coming forward which will allow MPs to vote upon the bill which will become an act, which will take us out of the European Union.’