PLO rejects Israeli attempts to forcibly displace the Palestinian people and demands a Palestinian state


THE Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, stressed on Tuesday night in a meeting held at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, its rejection of Israeli attempts to forcibly displace the Palestinian people.

The meeting discussed the situation in the Palestinian territories in light of the continuing Zionist aggression, and the brutal massacres committed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and various cities, camps and towns in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the accompanying murders, demolition of homes and infrastructure, and mass arrests.

After reviewing the developments presented by the President related to the Palestinian issue, and the contacts and meetings he held to stop the war of genocide and devastation carried out by the occupying state, and striving to achieve this by putting pressure on the occupying government directly by international parties, especially the United States of America, the main supporter of the Zionist entity in the aggression, which has the veto power in the United Nations Security Council, and which prevented the Security Council from taking a clear and unambiguous decision for an immediate ceasefire.

The contacts and meetings by President Abbas and the Palestinian leadership with the leaders of more than 75 countries resulted in a decision by the United Nations General Assembly with a majority of 153 countries voting in favour of stopping the aggressive war against the Palestinian people.

The Executive Committee also expressed its rejection of attempts to forcibly displace the Palestinian people outside their country, a position reiterated by Egypt and Jordan, and stressed the continuation of coordination to unify the Arab position to confront the US-backed Zionist aggression, as was the case in the United Nations.

The Executive Committee discussed what was published in the media about a three-stage initiative, that talks about forming a Palestinian government to administer the West Bank and Gaza Strip outside the framework and responsibility of the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Accordingly, the Executive Committee decided to reject it and to form a committee from among its members to follow up on the risks to the interests of the Palestinian people and their inalienable national rights, and adherence to the political vision that emphasises the solid Palestinian position.

The Executive Committee expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the Arab Islamic Committee, which was formed at the Arab Islamic Summit held recently in Saudi Arabia, to meet with parties of the international community around the world.

The Executive Committee also stressed the need for the international community and international organisations to take all measures to quickly supply the Gaza Strip with food and health needs to all areas of the Gaza Strip and to treat the wounded.

It reviewed the brutal crimes committed by the occupying authority against thousands of prisoners depriving them of their minimum rights per international law and international humanitarian law, and expressed its condemnation and rejection of these practices, which increased in frequency after the 7th October, and to immediately stop the arrests carried out by the occupation army in various parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Executive Committee stressed the importance of confronting the psychological warfare against the Palestinian people, which aims to spread despair and frustration among them, and undermine national unity and the PLO as the sole representation of the Palestinian people, and the leader of their national struggle until their goals are achieved in freedom and independence, achieving their legitimate and inalienable rights, and establishing their independent state on all the territories occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

With the Hamas movement bravely leading the battle of liberation, and inflicting real defeats on the Zionists, the international trade union movement, including the TUC, must now intervene to openly support the Palestinians with mass actions.

The TUC must lead the way and convene an emergency session of Congress to call a general strike to deal a blow for Palestine by bringing down the Tory regime and bringing in a workers government that will arm the Palestinian masses to allow them to win their liberation and see the establishment of the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.