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Sharon unleashes bombing raids and assassinations on the Palestinians

THE Israeli government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has launched a new war on Palestinians living in territories under Zionist occupation less than three...

Withdraw British troops now! Bring down the Blair government!

MORE than 100,000 people are expected to take part in the anti-war demonstration in London today, according to its organisers, the Stop the War...

Met chief’s agenda – police ‘justice’ and troops on the streets!

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, presented his ‘wish list’ of latest demands to the Labour government, when speaking to the Police Superintendents’ Conference...

Strike action at Heathrow needed to win Gate Gourmet struggle!

TALKS at Congress House last Tuesday, between the Trades Union Congress, the T&G and Gate Gourmet management were busy discussing the company’s ‘compromise agreement’. Gate...
The head of the London march in Whitehall shortly after setting off from Parliament Square

A British ‘barbaric act of aggression’ in Basra

THE Labour Government’s Defence Secretary, John Reid, declared yesterday that sending six Warrior tanks to demolish the wall of a prison compound in Basra,...

GERMAN ELECTIONS: Workers deliver a blow to free market ‘reforms’

AFTER Sunday’s General Election, Germany did not have a Chancellor, or a government yesterday. This plunged the country into a huge economic and political...

Sharon’s deception at the United Nations

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tried to cut a figure as the liberator of the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip at the United...

Time to take the Gourmet struggle forward to victory

THE intervention at the TUC Congress last Monday by the Gate Gourmet locked out workers was an outstanding success. It let every delegate of...

Making the country fit for the gangmasters

AT the just concluded TUC Congress, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, openly condemned the description of ‘globalisation’ as ‘a race to the...

Blair and Brown threaten the trade unions

THE message from the Blair-Brown leadership to the trade unions and their leaders is ‘face up to globalisation or cease to exist’. Even the two’s...
Gate Gourmet workers say: WE WANT VICTORY! – while TGWU leaders discuss compulsory redundancies and loss of unfair dismissal rights!

US Threatens Syria With War

THE US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, who was recently transferred from Afghanistan, last Monday threatened the Syrian government with war. He accused Syria of...

Union leaders pledge total support – time for action has arrived!

YESTERDAY the trade union bureaucracy was skating on the thinnest of thin ice at the TUC Congress. With one hand, trade union leader after trade...

T&G & TUC must call strike action to reinstate Gate Gourmet workers!

THE 670 Gate Gourmet workers, members of the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G), sacked over a month ago for taking strike action, know...
Gate Gourmet locked out workers on their successful lobby of the TUC last Monday morning

Action not words required to win Gate Gourmet struggle

LAST Thursday afternoon, at a meeting attended by TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, TGWU leader Tony Woodley told the Gate Gourmet shop stewards that...
Amicus members from the DARA defence plant in south Wales lobbying to defend 1,000 jobs

Petrol price rises leading to new fuel blockade

UK petrol and diesel prices are still rising in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, with the average cost of petrol now at 95.1 pence...

General strike now to stop destruction of the NHS!

NHS HOSPITALS are facing an immediate cut of £1.6 billion, with the government ordering NHS Trusts to ‘balance their books’ by making cutbacks and...

Blair is speeding up the privatisation drive

ON all fronts the Blair government is speeding up its privatisation offensive, so that his governments can leave as their legacy for big...
Palestinian flats in Rafah full of shell and bullet holes because of Israeli army shelling

Emergency Action needed to win Gate Gourmet dispute

THE Gate Gourmet strikers are fighting in the most determined fashion to win back their jobs in the face of a hostile union busting...
A section of the over 600-strong audience at the CWU anti-privatisation rally in central London on Wednesday

Build Revolutionary Leadership In The Usa

THE New Orleans disaster stands as a testament – with its over 10,000 dead and over 200,000 refugees – to the bankruptcy of the...
Chairman NORMAN CANDY (CWU London Divisional Committee) opening the mass rally against privatisation in central London yesterday

Iraq war veterans sent into New Orleans

YESTERDAY 300 Arkansas national guards were sent into the hurricane hit city of New Orleans, after having just returned from Iraq. The Governor of Louisiana,...

New Orleans war zone – 20,000 National Guards, and US army helicopter fired on

THE United States ruling class, running the world’s number one super-power and presiding over the richest nation on Earth, was yesterday shown to be...
TGWU official OLIVER RICHARDSON being confronted by Gate Gourmet pickets yesterday morning who want their jobs back

TGWU leaders and TUC committed to 675 Gate Gourmet redundancies

YESTERDAY morning Gate Gourmet strikers were dismissing and rubbishing the letters that they have been receiving from the company. These offered them a minimum pittance...
TGWU full-time officer OLIVER RICHARDSON addressing the Gate Gourmet mass picket yesterday morning

Public sector pensions battle set to erupt

THE working class continues to pay a massive price for its reformist trade union leadership. This is completely committed to supporting the capitalist...

Bush fails to get Iraqi puppets to agree ‘constitution’

OVER the weekend, President Bush made personal phone calls to both the leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in...

Tgwu Leaders Seek To Sell Deal For Gate Gourmet

‘THEY are trying to break our unity. We reject this deal.’ This is what pickets near to the Gate Gourmet plant told News Line...

Iraq’s US dictated constitution – divisive, sectarian and no right to strike

THE attempt by the US to foist its version of a ‘constitution’ onto Iraq, in alliance with a section of the Shi’ite clergy and...

Robertson’s call to murder Chavez is US policy

EX-US presidential candidate Pat Robertson, an ultra religious leader of the US’ ‘moral majority’ has just called for the US state to murder...
Iraqis are determined to throw out the US-British occupation

Gate Gourmet Locked Out Workers Reject Woodley’s Rotten Compromise

TGWU leader Tony Woodley’s speech at Southall on Monday, and his remarks to journalists both before and after the meeting, were a dereliction of...
Gate Gourmet locked out workers listen attentively to a TGWU official outlining the deal that the union has made with the company

NHS A&E departmentsto be shut in scores

THE policy of the Labour government, as far as the NHS is concerned, is to hand over more and more of the NHS budget...

Gate Gourmet workers defend the right to picket – now TGWU must make strike...

YESTERDAY, the determination and militancy of the 670 Gate Gourmet locked-out workers forced the High Court judiciary to acknowledge that they did indeed have...
Pickets were demanding yesterday that the Gate Gourmet boss Siegel should be sacked as a troublemaker

The issue is the shoot to kill policy says de Menezes campaign

THE family of Jean Charles de Menezes, murdered by police on the Tube on July 22, have called for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir...

BA seeks to put the boot into Heathrow workers

BA is seeking to put the boot into its workforce at Heathrow to create a climate of intimidation and fear. It has announced in its...
Alessandro Pereira outside Downing Street after presenting a letter to Blair

Put police death squad chiefs on trial for murder

DOCUMENTS leaked from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) show that on July 21, a young Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, was shot seven...

Oil Price Rises Driving Up Inflati0N

RISING crude oil prices are driving up the price of petrol at the pumps. Petrol is now at around 92 pence a litre, an increase...
The locked-out Gate Gourmet workers fighting for their reinstatement will continue their daily demonstrations on the grass bank

Stop The Airports, Call Out The Tgwu And The Tuc!

It has just been confirmed what we already knew – that the Gate Gourmet bosses, in a well planned action, provoked a walk-out by...

After Iraq Debacle – Bush Plans To Attack Iran

THE US President, George W Bush said on Friday: ‘All options are on the table,’ adding that he had not ruled out the option...

Blair Wants Government Control Of Judges

THE Blair government announced yesterday through its Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, that it was going to bring in legislation that will tell judges how...
Pickets near the Gate Gourmet factory yesterday morning demanding reinstatement

US-UK officially warn Iran about interfering in Iraq

BRITAIN and the United States had the gall to officially protest, last Wednesday, to the Iranian government about Iranian interference into the internal affairs...

Howard condemns ‘judicial activists’ as security risks

Tory leader Michael Howard was yesterday bending over backwards to give every support to the Labour Prime Minister Blair and his war against democratic...

Innocent Until Proven Guilty To Be Binned!

DRACONIAN repressive measures are now being proposed, off the cuff, thick and fast, as the Blair government races to put an end to the...

‘Treason’ law threat is to the whole working class

SCOTLAND YARD and the Crown Prosecution Service are meeting to discuss bringing charges against three men under the Treason Act, for which the death...
Gate Gourmet locked-out workers were confident of victory yesterday

US Puppets Can’t Agree On Iraq Constitution!

IRAQ’S puppet leaders are unable to agree on a constitution for the country despite all of the urgings from the US Secretary of Defence,...

Supporting Iraq or Palestine is to be a crime!

RESPONDING immediately to Tory pressure, Prime Minister Blair yesterday launched his programme of draconian attacks on basic rights and liberties, for a reign of...

Blair paved the way for Davis and Howarth

IT was Prime Minister Blair who insisted that the 7th July bombings and the July 21 attempted bombings were nothing to do with the...

Blears Speaks With Forked Tongue

HOME Office minister Blears has had a strenuous week. On the one hand she has been working to support British Transport Police Chief Johnston....