Now Act To Defend The NHS!


THE WITCHHUNT that the Republican Party has organised against President Obama for having the temerity to propose some relatively benign measures to allow 50 million Americans who have no health cover, access to health care, has now reached fever pitch.

The chief of US capitalism has been told that his plan is ‘evil’, ‘Orwellian’, ‘fascist’ and murderous since there will be ‘death panels’ sitting that will decide that some people are too old to treat, and they will be killed off.

The NHS in the UK has been given as an example of this type of regime.

This propaganda originates from the billionaire drug companies and insurers who dominate the US health business and annually allow tens of thousands if not millions to suffer and die because they do not have the cash to fill the coffers of the drug companies.

The ‘crime’ of the NHS is however well known. It is that it offers free health care at the point of need to all, and payment is made through the taxation of the whole of the working class.

The biggest crime of the NHS is that for 60 years it has prevented the private health vultures from taking control of the UK.

No wonder the drug companies in the US are seeking to raise the propaganda level to boiling point, because any move towards establishing the beginnings of an NHS in the US would be the end of them, and their billion dollar health care businesses.

However, the right wing Republican campaign in the US is beginning to rebound on the ruling classes in both the US and the UK.

The US working class is now mobilising as never before to see that the Republican ‘vigilantes’ do not wreck health care meetings, and that the struggle for heath care for every US citizen is carried forward, come what may.

The US attempt to depict Professor Hawking as a victim of the NHS has also backfired, after he proudly declared that he was alive solely because he had access to the free and advanced health care provided by the NHS.

The Murdoch media could not resist showing its true colours by bringing the Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan onto its Fox News, to reveal the real Tory policy for the NHS by slandering it as a 60 year old mistake that must be corrected.

His appearance and performance has touched off an avalanche of support for the NHS in Britain which has forced out of political leaders, such as Labour’s Brown, and the Tory party’s Cameron, professions of eternal loyalty and love for the NHS.

However the BMA hit the nail on the head when it said yesterday, that if both the Labour party and the Tory Party love the NHS why is Labour privatising it, and why are the Tories pledged to carry on with the same privatisation if they are elected as the next government.

The BMA stated if you really love the NHS then boot out the privateers, who are being encouraged to take it over.

It is a fact that the same big American medical combines that dominate the cash based US health industry are being brought into the NHS by Labour.

Other businesses like Virgin are being encouraged to begin private polyclinics to take the place of hospitals that are to be closed.

The fact is that the avalanche of support for the NHS in the UK has now put these leaders on the spot.

The trade unions must now join hands with the BMA to drive private medical companies out of the NHS, and halt its privatisation.

The NHSTogether organisation of the BMA and the trade unions must be activated and it must call giant demonstrations and rallies to defend the NHS, to stop its privatisation and to stop all hospital closures.

The government must be told that, such is the importance of the NHS, that NHSTogether will not hesitate to bring it down and bring in a workers government.