NATO warmongers declare China a ‘systemic’ threat as imperialism threatens war to reorder the world


THE THREE-day meeting of leaders of the G7 nations ended with an open attack on China that included the demand that it carries out a ‘full and thorough’ investigation of the universally discredited claim that coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory.

The final communiqué from this summit also contained a threat to Russia and the demand that it withdraws military troops from its own borders.

However, not every NATO country was fully aligned with Biden’s desire to inflict damage on the Russian economy.

Germany baulked at the US opposition to the $11 billion natural gas pipeline that carries gas from Russia to Germany and which is vital for Germany’s energy needs – a testimony to the fragility of the unity of these capitalist nations who are each grappling with the crisis plunging them into economic collapse.

What they are united on is their determination to prepare for a military confrontation with the fast developing power of Russia and China, whose strength comes from the socialised property relations established in the Russian and Chinese revolutions.

It is this drive by world capitalism to seek a way out of its historic crisis by overthrowing these gains and re-establishing its domination and exploitation of these vast countries that emerged clearly at the G7 and the following NATO summits.

Armed with this latest declaration of solidarity by the imperialist powers against the deformed workers state of China, and the threats of war against Russia if it doesn’t withdraw troops from positions inside its own country, US president Joe Biden swiftly moved on to a summit of NATO in Brussels yesterday.

His aim was to put NATO on a war footing and toughen up the G7 message to prepare for military action against China as well as Russia.

NATO, since it was set up by western imperialism in 1949, has traditionally seen Russia as its main enemy. Now the US is determined to shift the focus of its war preparations to include China.

Speaking at the start of the summit yesterday, NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg said it was a ‘pivotal moment’ for the alliance, insisting that the rise of China posed a ‘systemic threat’ to the security of the West.

The position that China is a ‘systemic’ challenge to the security of NATO members was also driven home by Biden who said: ‘I want to make it clear: NATO is critically important for US interests’ and that America had a ‘sacred obligation’ to carry out Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty that commits members to intervene militarily if one of them goes to war.

When the US declares war on China it wants the 30 other NATO nations to blindly step up and join in in the name of ‘defending democracy’.

All this talk of defending democracy and extending ‘our democratic’ way of life against China and Russia sits badly with the historical record of imperialist wars to reorder the world.

It was NATO that bombed Iraq to rubble under the lying pretext of weapons of mass destruction. Similarly it bombed Libya into the ground, and went to war in an unsuccessful attempt to impose regime change in Syria while NATO troops invaded and caused carnage in Afghanistan before being forced out.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and millions forced to flee from these wars to grab the world’s resources for the profit of the capitalist class and preserve the world domination of US imperialism.

The world crisis of capitalism is driving imperialism to war to reorder the world while simultaneously waging war against the working class at home through mass unemployment and wage cutting.

The enemy for the working class and the people of the world is not China or Russia but capitalism in its final most degenerate imperialist stage.

The only way to put an end to imperialist wars is to overthrow capitalism and imperialism, replacing them with worldwide socialism.

This means building sections of the Fourth International in every country to lead the struggle for the World Socialist Revolution to a victory that alone can guarantee world peace, security and prosperity.