Nato Meets Behind Steel Barriers, Under No Fly Zone!


THE NATO warlords are meeting in Newport today. That they are not the most popular people on the planet is proven by the fact that 9,500 officers, many with sub-machine guns, are on guard and patrolling the streets of Newport and Cardiff.

There are mounted patrols in central Cardiff, while officers carrying machine guns are stationed at the main entrance to Celtic Manor.

Military helicopters including US Osprey V22s are in the skies above South Wales this week, while US helicopters have been landing in Cardiff’s Bute Park.

The Royal Navy’s new £1bn Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan arrived in Cardiff Bay on Tuesday afternoon, while the M-05 Viesturs ship from Latvia, a minehunter, is currently already docked at the site.

They are expected to be followed by Dutch minesweeper HNLMS Urk, a superfast missile patrol boat decked out in camouflage colours called HNoMS Skudd from Norway, German-built minesweeper LNS Kursis from Lithuania and the latest French vessel to hold the historic name La Motte Picquet.

The so-called ‘Ring of Steel’ started appearing around summit venues in Newport and Cardiff several weeks ago, and now stretches to 12 miles over its two locations at Celtic Manor and around Cardiff Castle and its grounds.

The Cardiff fence will be locked down on Thursday and Friday, with armed officers manning checkpoints at key positions. Armoured vehicles are mainly sited on the main approach to Newport’s Celtic Manor, and Cardiff Castle ahead of the NATO summit in Newport.

No wonder NATO is meeting under a state of siege. The organisation is hated throughout the planet for its armed 80-day bombing assault that paved the way for the destruction of the Yugoslav Federation, for its air assault on Libya and the organisation of armed bands that destroyed a once prosperous country and created the conditions for it to be torn apart.

Not satisfied with that, the organisation’s key members the US and UK have been for three years seeking to destroy the state of Syria.

While they have failed to do that, because of the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army, they have created the conditions for the rise of ISIL (IS), whose executioners seem to have been drawn from British youth who were encouraged by the British government to go to Syria and help remove President Assad. In fact IS’ fighters are graduates from the NATO training camps in Jordan and Turkey, while the movement’s finances were provided by Saudi billionaires.

Now NATO is in some disarray since those that they taught and trained have turned to bite the hand that fed them!

However, Cameron and Co still refuse to take up the offer of President Assad of Syria, whose regime protects Christians and minorities, to form a coalition to destroy IS and ISIL. Imperialism remains imperialism violent and hypocritical from head to toe.

Now the NATO Alliance is in session to try and create the conditions for their Ukrainian puppet regime to smash the people of eastern Ukraine so that NATO can advance closer to Moscow.

However many setbacks it has had, imperialism knows no other way to advance except through wars and counter-revolutions. This drive to war and the fomenting of civil wars is now being intensified because of the massive world crisis that grips the capitalist system.

In NATO’s Cardiff war council, the British government is seeking to take the lead, demanding that war (defence) budgets be increased in all NATO states and that social welfare budgets must be accordingly slashed.

It is being made clear to the workers of the world that their enemy is at home, and is the same imperialist enemy that the oppressed masses of the world face.

Capitalism is in a desperate crisis. It has run its course and deserves to perish, and be overthrown by the world socialist revolution. This is the essence of the current situation.