May Loses Support Of Both The Remainers And Leavers – Looks To Labour To Save Her!


THAT BANKRUPT British capitalism and imperialism is unable to stand on its own two feet anymore is obvious. It faces the prospect of the ruling Tory party splitting apart, as well as the Ulster Unionists refusing to support May’s plans for the UK to become a vassal state of the EU by having a never ending membership of its customs union.

The bourgeois media are now saying that this is the greatest crisis for UK capitalism since Chamberlain’s capitulation to Hitler at Munich. The difference however is that then UK imperialism still had the power and resources in its Empire to produce a Churchill, who was not prepared to surrender to Hitler’s version of a Greater Europe and allow Britain to become its vassal state.

Today, the UK capitalists, stripped of their empire, with their basic industries wound up by Thatcher, and dependent on the banks, are organically incapable of producing a Churchill – the ruling class has lost its right to rule. It is in its death agony!

The ruling class joined the EEC and then the EU, because it could no longer stand alone on the planet and needed to be part of a capitalist Europe, largely out of its fear of the power of the UK working class, which is today livid with anger after 10 years of a continuing austerity regime!

Today, this ruling class is split, divided, even defeatist. Take the Johnson family. Johnson major, the ex-foreign secretary, says that he can no longer support PM May because she proposes to turn the UK into a vassal state of the EU. He will vote against the May deal, alongside the Ulster Unionists. Johnson major wants the UK to be a vassal state of the USA!

Johnson junior, an arch remainer, has just resigned as a Transport Minister because he says that May wants the UK to be a vassal state of the EU, without any say in its policies or procedures, which it would have if it remained. He says May is giving the people the choice ‘a vassal state or chaos’. He will vote against May’s EU deal on the basis that, at least inside the EU, the Commission’s slave states have a certain amount of leverage. He therefore wants a second referendum to remain in the EU.

Meanwhile, the EU marches on from crisis to crisis in Greece, Italy, France and eastern Europe. France’s Macron, currently involved in major actions against French workers, gave a glimpse of the EU’s direction of travel when he recently called for the establishment of a European army that could stand up to the USA and Russia. He is no fascist; he is just echoing the historic line of the 1930s when the call was for a Europe that would fight the threat of Bolshevism and gangster US capitalism.

He has also held out a hand to the French extreme right by celebrating the career of Marshal Petain, and his victory at Verdun in 1917, merely saying that Petain made ‘wrong decisions in 1940’ when he signed the capitulation treaty with Hitler and formed the collaborationist regime that sent hundreds of thousands of French Jews to their death. After the war Petain was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

Meanwhile, back in the UK the state is busily at work to seek to strengthen the tottering bourgeois order.

MI6 has chosen this moment of crisis, when the May government is tottering, to meet with the leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. Alex Younger, Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, apparently emphasised to him the importance of the agency’s work, making clear, according to The Daily Telegraph, the severe threats facing Britain.

The prospect is that Labour will be asked by May to prop up her government and keep it in office by voting for her adoption of a customs union, countering moves by her own party to bring her down.

This could only be followed by the formation of a National Government that would split both the Tory and Labour Parties and bring the UK to the brink of revolution.

For the working class the issue is clear. Its vote for Brexit after all produced the current crisis. The May government must be brought down by massive industrial action and be replaced by a workers government that will leave the EU at once, and then expropriate the UK bosses and bankers to bring in socialism.

Such an action will reverberate round the EU and encourage workers to emulate what is happening in the UK by expropriating the bosses and bankers throughout the EU.

This will create the conditions to replace the bankrupt EU with a Socialist United States of Europe which the UK working class will only be too happy to be a part of!