Macron demands dictatorship throughout the EU – UK must leave EU on March 29th!


FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron, currently fighting a civil war with millions of French workers, has proposed a series of ‘reforms’ that he says will ensure the future of the European Union.

Ahead of the European elections in May, he advocates a ban on foreign powers who are allegedly financing European political parties, implying that political parties that threaten his European Union will be condemned and banned, so that elections will be held in Europe under a state of siege.

Macron set out his proposals for a ‘European renaissance’ – just as his riot police were maiming, blinding and de-limbing more ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstrators in Paris and other cities – in an open letter addressed directly to the ‘Citizens of Europe’.

In his letter, Macron, expressing his fear of Brexit, says that the EU, as an institution, needs a major shake-up if it is to stop member states ‘retreating into nationalism’, i.e. following the UK workers’ lead and breaking with the EU.

In his ‘Open Letter to Europe’, he describes the EU as ‘not just an economic market’ but a ‘project’, and proposes many new bodies that would oversee and drive forward change throughout the EU.

First, there is to be a dictatorial ‘European Agency for the Protection of Democracies’, to oversee ‘protection against cyber-attacks and the spread of fake news’. The agency will ban European political parties deemed to be financed from abroad. He is proposing to expand his war against the Yellow Vests to include all the workers of the EU.

If Britain remains in the EU, even under an ‘extended transition’, British political developments would come under the direction of the ‘European Agency for the Protection of Democracies’.

Then there is to be the ‘European Council for Internal Security’ which would comprise a Europe-wide border force agency and asylum office, and a European Security Council that Macron says would have ‘the UK on board’.

Slave labour EU is to continue, however, as there is to be an EU minimum wage, which would not be a European minimum wage at all but would be ‘appropriate to each country’ and negotiated collectively on an annual basis, with a guarantee that EU citizens would get ‘the same pay for the same work’. This would cut wages further and not raise them at all!

Then there is to be a European Climate Bank, which would finance the EU’s transition to his suggested environmental targets, ‘zero carbon by 2050 and pesticides halved by 2025’.

Macron wants a Conference for Europe set up by the EU by the end of this year so that changes can be proposed and approved by representatives from EU institutions and member states.

Macron says that the new European Agency for the Protection of Democracies should provide each member state with experts who can protect their election processes from cyber-attacks, and manipulation from foreign powers.

‘Our first freedom is democratic freedom,’ he writes. ‘The freedom to choose our leaders as foreign powers seek to influence our votes at every election … We should also ban the funding of European political parties by foreign powers,’ and presumably ban those parties that the EU finds guilty, as well as policing the internet, bringing in rules ‘banishing incitement to hatred and violence’.

He also says the EU must decide on a new treaty of defence and security, and set up a European security council, which would include the UK. Macron favours the founding of a European Army, under the control of an EU general staff.

He continues: ‘We will need a common border force and a European asylum office, strict control obligations and European solidarity, to which each country will contribute under the authority of a European Council for Internal Security.’

He continues: ‘We can’t let nationalists with no solutions exploit people’s anger … We can’t sleepwalk to a diminished Europe … European humanism demands action.’

These dictatorial ravings will only further convince UK workers that, come what may, the UK must leave the EU on March 29th!