Latvia Urges UK To Introduce Conscription To Fight Russian Workers!


A SPLIT and divided Tory Party is facing electoral wipeout as the number of infighting Tory factions grow and lash out at each other, and at their main enemy the working class and its youth, blaming them for Israel’s death agony in Gaza, and for the collapse of the Ukrainian fascist military in its war against Russia.

There has even been a hysterical call from the Latvian Foreign Minister, Krisjanis Karins, who has urged the UK ruling class to introduce conscription and a call up of the UK’s youth, in order to halt the advances being made by Russia after the collapse of the Ukrainian fascists.

Karins demanded a ‘total defence’ model, in which large numbers of citizen soldiers could be called up at short notice, adding that it was inevitable that the UK would have to increase its defence spending to 3% of GDP.

In fact, he is just echoing the call made by the head of the British army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, who said that the military needed to be able ‘to train and equip a citizen army’, if required.

Tobias Ellwood, an ex-chairman of the House of Commons Defence Committee, commented that the UK ruling class should take Karins’ suggestion seriously.

In fact, the introduction of conscription would touch off a youth and workers rebellion of a kind that has not been seen since the General Strike.

The masses of youth who are marching in defence of the Palestinian people would not consent to conscription, to being sent to the Middle East, to put down the Palestinian masses that the mass of British youth have been marching to support.

The issue for the ruling class is that the UK’s youth are the most revolutionary section of the working class and the collapse of the UK economy means that they will shortly be on the streets in millions. This fear of youth set The Sunday Telegraph to term the youth as the ‘mob’ and view conscription as the only safe way out of this crisis.

The bosses are very much concerned at the growing economic collapse of British capitalism, when the whole burden of the crisis will be piled onto the backs of the working class and the youth. They want to strengthen the state, and use conscription as a means for the state to tool up for a civil war against the working class and the youth as a whole.

In the editorial comment of yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph, was expressed its terror at the thought that masses of UK youth are lining up to support the Palestinians who are involved in a life and death struggle with the Israeli murder machine, and that these same youth will take revolutionary action against the British ruling class and expropriate it!

The Telegraph, of course, is 100% for Israel. It supports the Zionist murder machine in Israel. Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph observed there was growing ‘mob rule’ in the UK.

As far as the Telegraph is concerned, supporters of Palestine constitute such a ‘mob’. It writes: ‘The latest evidence is a dossier compiling threats against dozens of MPs, many of whom come from pro-Palestinian activists … In recent weeks, we have also seen a demonstration outside an MP’s home and a minister announcing that that he will not stand for re-election after facing death threats.’

It adds: ‘This cannot be allowed to continue. The Prime Minister was right to declare, in a rare speech outside number 10, that he would seek to take on the forces attempting to tear our country apart.’

Michael Gove is busy rewriting the definition of extremism ‘that will make it harder for anti-Brit extremists to spread their poison in the country.’

The Telegraph concludes that: ‘The appalling anti-Israel hate marches that continue to plague the centres of our cities have become intolerable. They must not be allowed to win.’

The good people of the Telegraph are talking about introducing conscription to clamp the youth in irons and jail them for supporting Palestine and then banning pro-Palestinian marches in the UK. This is just the crudest sort of support for the Zionist gangsters and their murder machine, that is wiping out thousands of Palestinians from the very young to the elderly.

The working class in the UK rejects the drivel and reactionary rubbish being churned out by the Telegraph.

The time has come for mass actions in support of Palestine, for a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government that will arm the Palestinian masses to win their struggle for freedom. Forward to Palestine! Victory to the World Socialist Revolution!