Kiev, EU and US facing defeat in East Ukraine!


UKRAINIAN President Petro Poroshenko has cancelled a visit to Turkey, citing ‘Russian troop deployments’ in the east of the country. His announcement came as anti-coup fighters took the coast town of Novoazovsk and ‘threatened’ the strategic port city of Mariupol. Bravo for them!

Russia however has said that none of its forces were crossing Ukraine’s border ‘at any point’. This was supported by the Lugansk and Donetsk fighters who said that if Russian forces had crossed the frontier ‘we would be in Kiev by now!’

What has happened is that the coup in the Ukraine last winter – in which the US invested $5bn in order to bring the legal government down and put in its place Poroshenko, to bring the Ukraine into the EU and NATO – has backfired.

The armed workers of Donetsk and Lugansk are in fact getting the better of the Ukrainian military, half of whom do not want to fight, never mind die, for the Kiev coupists and the Biden family, who are ruling the Ukraine from Washington.

This reverse has now rung all of the alarm bells, at a time when the world capitalist crisis is driving NATO, the EU and the US eastwards to try to expropriate all of the riches that Russia possesses.

Poroshenko said yesterday that he was calling a meeting of the Ukrainian security council, and that Ukraine would initiate an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the crisis. His PM Yatsenyuk issued a call to arms saying that Russia had ‘unleashed a war in Europe’.

In fact NATO is due to hold its summit in Wales next week and to unveil its plans to confront Russia and to establish nuclear bases on its borders.

Following NATO’s aggressive military posturing in Eastern Europe, the Russian envoy to the alliance, Aleksandr Grushko, warned: ‘Obviously, we will take into consideration the configuration and activity of the NATO forces at the Russian borders in our military planning, and will take all that is necessary to reliably provide security and to ensure safety against any threats.’

The NATO chief Rasmussen has already explained: ‘We have something already called the NATO response force, whose purpose is to be able to be deployed rapidly if needed. Now it’s our intention to develop what I would call a spearhead within that response force at very, very high readiness. In order to be able to provide such rapid reinforcements you also need some reception facilities in host nations. So it will involve the pre-positioning of supplies, of equipment, preparation of infrastructure, bases and headquarters.’

The basic facts are that after the 2008 banking disaster, the imperialist powers have been driven to attack their working classes at home, and to reorder the world as a whole for the benefit of the capitalists.

They have destroyed Libya and are now seeking to do the same to Syria, while bringing the Ukraine into NATO and seeking to repeat this in Belarus, before proceeding to an Orange revolution in Russia.

However this task has proven formidable, with the Cameron and Obama regimes discredited at home and abroad, with their policies bringing nothing but suffering, death and disaster, like reincarnations of Atilla the Hun.

The workers of the US and the UK do not support the war drive of imperialism, to the point where Cameron is frightened to openly say that he favours bombing Syria and that he rejects the offer of President Assad to form a coalition of equals to fight ISIS.

Imperialism is as bloody-minded as ever but is somewhat in disarray at home and abroad, as the defeat of their prodigy, Israel, in Gaza proves.

This is the time for the workers of the world to advance and fight for world socialism. This is the time for Russia to advance against them while they are still weak and relatively ill-prepared.

In fact, if in the next few days Poroshenko and NATO seek to step up the massacres in Eastern Ukraine, Russia must intervene to run the coupists out of Kiev, and send them packing to their imperialist masters in Brussels, London and Washington.

Russia will have the full support of the workers of the world for such an action.