Karzai gets worried that MI6 is negotiating his removal!


THE NEWS that top-level British diplomatic efforts are continuing in Afghanistan to try to prevent the expulsion from the country of two senior foreign officials – one employed by the EU and the other by the UN – by the Karzai government, proves the point that a stampede is taking place amongst the imperialist powers to make a deal with the Taleban.

In fact, as the Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday, MI6 agents have been meeting with Taleban leaders in Musa Qala, the town that was allegedly taken from the Taleban by US-UK and Afghan troops after a ‘heroic struggle’ just recently.

Those who spoke to the Telegraph were unworried that their information would show that Premier Brown was not telling all of the truth, when he told the House of Commons that Britain would never speak to the Taleban.

It seems that the talks are now so advanced between the UK and the Taleban that President Karzai took fright that his removal was what was actually under negotiation, and his replacement by a more ‘representative’ Afghan government, with the Taleban in it.

What is happening in Afghanistan is a repetition of what is currently taking place in Iraq, where Britain has hauled down its flag and the US has discovered that the best way out of its crisis is to pal up with the Ba’athists.

The crisis of the US is so grave that it is seeking to shrug off the fact that it has just spent $400bn in a failed struggle to overthrow the Ba’athist government and smash Ba’athism.

In fact, in Iraq, the situation of the Maliki regime is now so fragile that the US will not back it against invasions of northern Iraq by the Turkish army and airforce.

The truth is that the imperialist forces are being beaten in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with US Secretary of State Gates now doubting, because of the deepening of the world capitalist crisis, that the US will be able to continue financing the two imperialist wars.

This is why Gates has supervised the new turn in Iraq and is urging that it be persevered with, so that the US can withdraw 100,000 troops from Iraq by January 2009.

For the insurgents in both Iraq and Afghanistan the issue is clear. They must take advantage of the divisions between the imperialist powers and their agents to press forward with their liberation wars to drive all the imperialist forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The British and US workers must support the liberation struggle of both the Iraqi and Afghan peoples.

The working class in the West and the Afghan and Iraqi peoples are fighting the same enemy, imperialism.

The imperialist powers want to recolonise the Middle East, the Gulf and Central Asia. They also want to destroy all of the gains the US and UK workers have made since the end of the Second World War.

The workers of the US and UK are in the same trench as the insurgent peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are strategic allies.

In fact, the struggle of the oppressed nations is weakening imperialism to the point where the workers of the major capitalist states will be able to carry out socialist revolutions to expropriate the bosses and bankers to put an end to capitalism and imperialism and to bring in world socialism.

This is the new world that is being ushered in by the world crisis of the capitalist system, and the struggle of the oppressed nations.

We must not waste a moment in the building of parties of the Fourth International worldwide to lead the developing world socialist revolution to its victory.