Increased sanctions on Russia drive the bosses’ war against the working class at home!


THE MOVE by the US, the UK and EU ruling classes to cut off all oil and gas supplies from Russia is now ‘unstoppable’ after the imperialist powers ramped up the sanctions with a view to carrying out the regime changes they so desperately require.

Under the pretext of the alleged atrocities committed by Russian forces in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, a massive propaganda campaign has been launched across the world’s media to justify a new round of sanctions, designed to smash the Russian economy and bring the country back under the domination of world capitalism.

The hysteria being whipped up in the media, with accusations of atrocities committed in Bucha, deliberately ignores the glaring holes in the NATO narrative.

Why, if the imperialist nations were so sure of their evidence, did they deny the two demands this week from Russia for emergency meetings of the UN Security Council to address these accusations?

Why have the media deliberately ignored the fact that Russian forces withdrew from Bucha days before any atrocities were reported?

None of these very pertinent questions have been answered – swept under the carpet along with the strenuous denials by Russia – as the war hysteria rages in an attempt to justify dumping the catastrophic cost of this war against Russia onto the backs of the working class at home.

The cost of the NATO war against Russia will be huge for workers in the UK, EU, the USA and across the world.

The proposed EU sanctions being discussed this week include a ban on Russian coal, along with preventing Russian ships from entering EU ports. This is the first step to a complete ban on all oil and gas imports from Russia which the EU is already drawing up plans for.

EU member states rely on Russia for around 40% of their gas supplies, and many EU countries, led by Germany, have resisted calls for a complete ban in the knowledge that the working class will not tamely submit to energy prices driven into the stratosphere, along with energy rationing, and the closure of energy-reliant industry, leading to unemployment and short-term working. Now these fears are being brushed aside by the NATO powers in the drive to escalate the war against Russia.

The drive to war by imperialism was articulated in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph article by Ambrose Evans Pritchard who wrote: ‘The dam has broken after the Bucha massacre. European public opinion will not tolerate the continued funding of Vladimir Putin’s war machine with the purchase of oil, gas and coal.’

The article continues: ‘The West’s phoney war against Russia is giving way to a harsher phase, entailing real sacrifices and necessary risks to uphold our liberal principles.’

The only principles of the imperialist powers have been to claim the right to invade and commit proven war crimes against millions of men, women and children across the Middle East, devastating entire countries in order to steal their oil wealth.

Now the working class at home are being told they must passively accept seeing the price of gas and oil shoot up far beyond their ability to pay.

Already workers in Britain face a cost-of-living crisis, accelerated by the war against Russia, that has driven the price of energy and food way above their incomes, while the governor of the Bank of England tells them they must not demand pay increases as this will only increase inflation.

As far as capitalism is concerned, it’s full speed ahead with a war against Russia and full speed ahead with the war on the working class at home to make them pay for it.

This is a war on two fronts by a capitalist system whose survival depends on attempting to smash the gains of the Russian revolution and simultaneously smash the resistance of the working class at home.

The working class of Britain, Europe and the US will never accept being driven into the gutter of destitution to ‘save’ this rotten bankrupt capitalist system but will seize the moment to put it out of its misery through socialist revolution.

The time has come to urgently build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International to lead the fast-developing world socialist revolution to victory. There is not a moment to lose!