Imperialist aggression is the roots of terrorism


PRIME Minister Blair yesterday said that there is to be more new repressive legislation, on top of the huge powers that the government and the Home Secretary already have to tackle ‘extremism’.

He also pledged to lead a worldwide drive to tackle the ‘evil’ ideology behind the London bombings.

This in fact will be a worldwide drive to frame up Islam and scapegoat Muslims!

Blair said that, while talks are to begin on bringing in new laws covering preparations for attacks, and to make it easier to deport people trying to ‘incite hatred’, that security measures would not be enough.

He said of the London bombings: ‘This is not an isolated criminal act we are dealing with.

‘It is an extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam.’

This of course is reactionary nonsense.

Neither the September 11 attack on Manhattan or the London bombings had their roots in any kind of misinterpretation of Islam, poisonous or not.

The proof of this, is that the architect of September 11, Osama bin Laden, worked closely with, and was armed and equipped by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

It was not the Koran that brought them together but their right wing politics, including a hatred of Communism and Arab nationalism.

What turned bin Laden against his US sponsors was the continuing rape of Palestine by the US supported Israeli regime, and the US attempt to dominate the oil resources of the Middle East.

What drove on last Thursday’s suicide attacks was neither a good or bad interpretation of the Koran, but the savage attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq by the Bush and the Blair administrations.

The illegal war on Iraq, and the slaughter of millions of Iraqis by the imperialists since 1991 was the major source.

The actions of US imperialism created bin Laden. The illegal war on Iraq, and the British role in it, led by Blair, is at the roots of the London bombings.

The illegal actions of Bush and Blair are the perverted and poisonous roots of the London bombings, not the Koran in any shape or form.

But Blair is very keen to frame Islam, for his own counter-revolutionary reasons.

Blair met Muslim MPs on Wednesday morning to discuss how to tackle ‘this evil within the Muslim community’.

‘In the end, this can only be taken on and defeated by the community itself,’ he said.

So the terrorist actions created by Bush and Blair’s policies cannot be defeated by the imperialist powers, admits Blair. He turns it into the responsibility of the Muslim community, to cover his own tracks.

What will Blair do if the Muslim community is adjudged to have failed to do its job and defeat Islam inspired terrorism – ‘Deport them all’? Blair might not, he is just preparing the way for those who will!

It is not the responsibility of the Muslim community to defeat the terrorism created by the rape of Iraq and worldwide imperialist aggression.

The defeat of terrorism will be a by-product of socialist revolutions by the working class of the world that overthrow capitalism and imperialism (the source of worldwide terrorism).

A good start would be to bring down Blair, bring in a workers’ government that will put him on trial for crimes against humanity, and withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, to establish fraternal relations with the Arab and Muslim peoples.

This is the way forward. A failure to do this will open up the way for the ruling class to split the working class by scapegoating the Muslims and framing them up for actions that are the responsibility of British imperialism.