Imperialism planning new crimes in Syria


The UN mission in Libya has just voiced its ‘deep concern’ over the daily and murderous violence in Libya, where innocent people are now being killed every day by the various armed militias that were formed by NATO, with the US and the UK in the lead, and then bombed into power by the NATO air forces. The war ended when the French Air Force bombed Gadaffi’s convoy outside the city of Sirte, allowing him to be captured and butchered by NATO’s ‘liberation’ fighters.

The country is now divided into rival cantons, and Libya’s resources have been privatised, i.e. seized by the various militia who are seeking to sell Libya’s oil for their own profit.

These gangs went on to kill the US ambassador, and must have been amazed when there was no mass bombing, or invasion in response. They clearly have a charmed life.

For the imperialists, any regime however barbarous is preferable to Arab nationalists, like Gadaffi who saw to it that the oil wealth benefited Libyans and the rest of Africa, through very low interest loans.

The UN Support Mission in Libya has now however been forced to speak out. ‘UNSMIL expresses its deep concern about the continued violence – including assassinations, bombings, kidnappings and attacks in the east and other Libyan areas,’ it said in a statement.

The attacks have targeted ‘judges, members of the security forces, activists, civilians and Arab and foreign nationals, as well as polling centres and buildings housing government and diplomatic missions,’ it said.

‘UNSMIL calls upon officials and all forces to do their utmost to put an end to all acts which threaten stability in Libya, put the security of its people at risk, violate human dignity and undermine the values that Libyans uphold as they aspire to build a state based on the rule of law and the respect for human rights.’

This all comes after the bodies of seven Egyptian Christians were found near Libya’s second city of Benghazi on Monday, dispatched with a bullet to the head.

Benghazi, NATO’s hero city, where it was able to begin the anti-Gadaffi revolt, and which NATO bombers intervened in to make sure their revolt was not snuffed out, has seen daily murderous attacks, on Christians and Muslims.

These mass murders, as far as cynical imperialist diplomats are concerned, are just the teething problems that young democracies have! This would even shame Machiavelli.

Yet not only do they stand by what they did in Libya and before that in Iraq, the imperialist powers are continuing this tactic in Syria.

Their onslaught on Syria, using arms that were used in Libya and some of the same militias, has been less than successful. However, once the working people of the US and UK decided that they had had enough of the various imperialist slaughters, coupled with the stout resistance of the Syrian people and army, the game was up for the imperialists.

On the military front they have been pushed back, and on the diplomatic front in Geneva, they could cut no ice with the Syrian delegation.

The response of the imperialists to this rebuff has been less than gracious. In fact they are now plotting to step up the war. It is now public knowledge that up to 5000 Syrian pro-imperialist fighters are being trained in Jordan by the Jordanian, US and UK military.

Russia on Tuesday warned Saudi Arabia against supplying these Syrian rebels with shoulder-launched missile launchers. The Russian foreign ministry said it was ‘deeply concerned’ by news reports that Saudi Arabia was planning to buy Pakistani-made shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles and anti-tank systems for armed Syrian rebels based in Jordan.

It said that the aim was to alter the balance of power in a planned spring offensive against the city of Damascus.

All this proves once again that imperialism does not and cannot change. it has to be put an end to and overthrown. Enough is enough. The workers stopped a UK-US invasion of Syria. Now the trade unions must tell the Cameron government, that there must be no new onslaught on Syria, and that if there is they will take strike action to bring the Cameron government down. This is what has to be done.