Gadaffi In Tripoli – Hague In Disarray!


WHILE Cameron is in Kuwait seeking to sell more rubber bullets, poison gas and a variety of war machines to the British-trained Gulf monarchies, the Libyan leader, Colonel Gadaffi, remains in Tripoli, fighting for Libyan independence, and making a fool of the British Foreign Secretary Hague,who announced Britain’s real ‘war aim’ when he told the world that Gadaffi was fleeing to Venezuela.

The British ruling class from the 2004 meeting between Blair and Gadaffi in a tent in the desert, where he cooed sweet nothings into Gadaffi’s ear, in order to win big oil contracts, had been treating Gadaffi like a long-lost cousin.

Now with a right-wing reactionary uprising under way, the British hyena is showing its teeth, mustering its media to treat Gadaffi as a ‘mad dog’ who must be put down, spurred on by the hope that some Islamic state of Benghazi, if established over Gadaffi’s dead body, will hand over Libya’s oil to them.

However, Hague has overreached himself. He is now being cautioned to be more careful, since if Gadaffi wins this struggle, oil-obsessed British capitalism may well find that the ‘Blair tactic’ of massive, rear-licking cosiness may not work!

The British ruing class is in a bigger crisis than Gadaffi, that is for sure. It is desperately worried that it may lose out on both the Libyan and Gulf oil fronts as the revolutionary wave throughout the Arab world proceeds.

However, it must be said about Gadaffi’s turn towards the UK – after all Blair is the Butcher of Iraq – that it resulted in an accommodation with BP and British imperialism, which enriched a section of the Libyan apparatus, and encouraged the neglect of the interests of the Libyan youth in particular.

It was a major mistake for Gadaffi not to place himself and Libya in the front line of those supporting the revolutions that began in Tunisia and spread to Egypt.

In fact, he opposed them when he should have shown solidarity with them, and then urged the Libyan masses to say what changes they wanted to see in Libya, as part of the struggle for a socialist North Africa.

His stand alongside Mubarak and Ben Ali, created the conditions where the reactionary Libyan right wing, long-term agents of British imperialism, were able to win a bigger support for their opportunist rebellion (posing as out and out democratic revolutionaries) from amongst the youth than they should have been able to.

In fact, the aim of the right wing is to put Libya and its oil at the disposal of imperialism, and impose an Islamic state or states in place of the secular Libyan state – whatever the imperialist powers wish.

They have already proclaimed the Islamic Emirate of Benghazi, and declared that Gadaffi is an enemy of God and that it is the religious duty of every Libyan to rise up and kill him and his sons.

We urge the working class of the world to oppose the imperialist intervention into Libya that is being made, and the greater, possibly military intervention to come into the affairs of the Libyan people.

We urge the Libyan masses and youth to take their stand alongside Colonel Gadaffi to defend the gains of the Libyan revolution, and to develop it.

This can only be done by the defeat of the current rebellion and a major national discussion about the introduction of workers control and management of the Libyan economy and society, as well as the introduction of the political organs for exercising that political control and management.

Further, the Libyan workers must take their place as a leader of the revolutionary wave that is sweeping through North Africa.

This can only win through the establishment of the United Socialist States of North Africa.