Egyptian workers inspiring the workers and youth of the world!


THE Egyptian workers delivered another massive blow at imperialism, Arab feudalists, Zionism and the Egyptian pro-imperialist military when hundreds of thousands of them reoccupied the Tahrir Square yesterday, driving back brutal, repressive military police forces that have killed up to 60 workers and youth in the last few days and wounded thousands.

The Egyptian youth have astonished the world with their revolutionary declaration that they will not quit the square until the military give up their grip on power and allow free and fair elections in which working class candidates and trade unions can take part, and even form the government.

This movement of the Egyptian workers is historic on a number of counts.

Driven by the world capitalist crisis and inspired by the revolutionary movement that emerged in Tunisia and Algeria, the Egyptian workers rose up and removed Mubarak from the scene of history, inspiring the Palestinian masses to drive forward for their state, and at the same time giving Zionism and imperialism nightmares.

The movement also inspired the youth of the EU, the UK and the US to also occupy against the attacks of the imperialists on their jobs, wages, education and futures, and to take the revolutionary road.

The Egyptian workers, in fact, opened up a worldwide revolutionary front, which the imperialists are now striving to drive back.

After the removal of Mubarak, the imperialists moved to give their full support to the Egyptian military, on whom they spend billions annually, and who were, in fact, the force behind Mubarak.

They urged the military to cling onto power and to drive the masses back.

There is no question of Cameron, Sarkozy or Obama intervening to stop the Egyptian army murdering Egyptian youth. As they did in Bahrain they are just looking the other way, as they step up the supply of guns, gas and bullets to their despots.

That the army, the riot police and the secret police moved hell and high water to drive the workers back, there is no doubt. They outdid Mubarak in the numbers of arrests made, in the beatings administered, in the numbers tortured and jailed without trial.

In fact, during this last period, while the counter-revolution was doing its worst, there was the greatest ever expansion of free trade unions, with thousands of strikes and occupations taking place, as the state trade union movement was destroyed.

Now the masses of Egyptian workers and youth have delivered their definitive answer to this UK-US-backed counter-revolutionary attempt, with their reoccupation of the square.

The Tahrir Square movement that inspired the Wall Street occupation movement, is now on the march again, and it will give further inspiration to the youth and workers of the EU, UK and US who now also face the riot police, the rubber bullets and the pepper sprays of the capitalist state forces.

Yesterday, the Egyptian youth called for mass demonstrations and for a million-strong march today.

The response of the ruling cabinet, the thin disguise for military rule, was to offer its resignation.

The stock market has meanwhile shut down after stocks dropped 4.48 per cent in morning trading.

Schools and factories throughout Egypt have also been closed as the masses took to the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Suez and Ismailiyah.

The workers of Egypt are determined to bring the military down and go forward to elections which will reflect the will of the people and bring forward an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist government.

Just as determined to fight and defeat capitalism and imperialism are the workers of the UK, US and the EU who are resisting massive cuts and closures as the imperialists act ruthlessly to make the poorest people pay for the crisis of their capitalist system.

The world revolution is now driving forward.

The key to the situation is the building of sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International all over the world to lead the developing world socialist revolution to its victory,

replacing the bankrupt imperialist-capitalist order with the world socialist republic and planned production to satisfy people’s needs.