Defeat US-Saudi war provocations in the Gulf – Victory to Iran!


A SPOKESMAN from Iran’s Foreign Ministry yesterday warned of a ‘conspiracy by ill-wishers’ to blame Iran for an imperialist provocation, the ‘sabotage’ of four ships at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) port of Fujairah on Sunday.

Neither the UAE nor Saudi Arabia has explained exactly what form this sabotage took. In fact there was no sabotage, instead there was another attempt to build up a war fever against Iran by the US and Saudi Arabia.

An Iranian spokesman described the provocation as ‘alarming and regrettable’ and warned against ‘adventurism by foreigners’ in the pay of the USA, who are seeking to organise an anti-Iranian war and regime change in the country.

This provocation happened at the same time as US imperialism deployed an aircraft carrier-led naval strike force and a bomber task force to the Gulf, a military build-up reinforced by additional Patriot missile systems installed to give what US National Security Advisor John Bolton said was an ‘unmistakable message’ to Iran.

In the past, Bolton has been an enthusiastic advocate of military force to inflict regime change in Iran and has publicly called for bombing the country. He is now setting out to implement this plan.

Both he and US National Security Advisor Mike Pompeo have threatened military attacks on Iran if ‘US interests’ anywhere in the Middle East are threatened by Iran or any group which the US government deems to be Iranian ‘proxies’.

In 2003 the US and the UK attacked Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children following a lying campaign that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Now US imperialism is organising provocations to create the conditions for the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UK to attack Iran and steal its vast oil resources. Such an onslaught would also deal a huge blow to Palestine and restore the rule of feudalists throughout the region.

However, not only has Iran and the Iranian people the right to defend itself, it also has the means, with powerful military forces and militias, and powerful allies in the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made it clear in a speech at the weekend that the country is prepared for a siege even greater than the one imposed on it during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war when the US, UK, and France armed and equipped Iraq in a major bid to overthrow the Iranian revolution and restore the Shah.

The imperialist powers failed then, and they will fail now.

Iran’s military leaders are promising to ‘hit over the head’ the US warships in the Gulf, pointing out how vulnerable they are to Iranian missiles in the event of any military confrontation.

However, US imperialism is desperate to drive back the Iranian revolution and grab Iran’s oil, after which it will hand all of Palestine to Israel, and give Libya, another great oil bearing state, the same treatment in order to seize its oil resources.

Yesterday US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Brussels where he briefed EU foreign ministers – including UK Foreign Minister Hunt – about the US’ plans for the region.

He is due in Moscow today to brief President Putin.

Iran, wisely, is not depending on the EU or the Putin Stalinist leadership to defend it, since both are eminently capable of leaving Iran to its fate in the same way as they allowed the US-UK to attack Iraq in 2003.

In fact, in the drive to crush Iran and secure its oil wealth and strategic position for capitalist exploitation, US and British imperialism are responsible for bringing the region to the brink of all-out war.

It is the UK and US working class that has the decisive revolutionary role to play.

Workers know that the same forces that are seeking to destroy Iran are seeking to destroy all the gains that the US and UK working class have made.

For the workers of the US and the UK ‘the enemy is at home’. They must tell their governments that an attack on Iran will not lead to regime change in Iran but will lead to regime change in Washington and London, and see the working class bring down the two imperialist governments to go forward to socialism.

This is the way forward for the working class in the US, the UK and the EU in alliance with the oppressed nations!