Crocodile Tears At The Security Council Over Syria!


THE UN Security Council has condemned the truck bomb attacks that killed at least 55 people and wounded almost 400 in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Thursday.

This followed a blast on the previous day in Dar’a, which killed and wounded 10 Syrian soldiers and almost killed the commander of the UN mission.

The council urged all sides to ‘immediately and comprehensively’ implement the peace plan for Syria.

Syrian officials say ‘foreign-backed terrorists’ carried out a twin suicide car-bomb attack in Damascus and point the finger at the Saudi and Qatari feudal states, who are the special allies of the US and UK, (they will have pride of place at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations) as the organisers of the attacks.

Several ships bound with arms and ammunition from Libya have already been stopped and arrested off the coast of the Lebanon.

Having reduced Libya to a ruin and a state of perpetual civil and tribal war with their Nato-sponsored attack and murder of Colonel Gadaffi, the US, the UK and its feudal servants in the Gulf have made no secret that they want to do the same to Syria.

They want to destabilise it and then destroy the Syrian state as part of their assault on the Arab revolution and the Iranian people, to seize all of the oil riches of the region for themselves and Israel.

When the Security Council condemns the Damascus bombings, the majority of the council, under the thumb of the US and the UK, are simply shedding crocodile tears, since from the day after the murder of Gadaffi they have been plotting to repeat the operation in Syria with the aid of terrorist attacks and bombings.

First of all, the US and UK were angry when Russia and China would not support a repeat of the Libyan operation.

They then set out, through the Saudi and Qatari feudalists, to organise a civil war.

When the support for the Assad regime persisted, they were forced to come to the rescue of their puppets with a UN-sponsored ceasefire under which the US and UK puppets carry on fighting while every breach of the ceasefire is blamed on the Assad regime.

The ‘democrats’ have even denounced Assad’s attempt to have a democratic election, after they have been posing as the ultra-democrats.

They have now moved to a new tactic, originally devised in Iraq.

Since the Assad regime is still standing, and the mass of the population are supporting it, the ceasefire stalemate, that the puppets break at will, is to be supplemented by Al Qaeda-style mass truck bombings to destroy the centres of cities like Damascus.

This is to create the situation were the UN and NATO will ‘have to intervene’ to prevent tens of thousands of Syrians being destroyed by the West’s new Al Qaeda allies, who they worked with in Libya and are now sponsored by the Saudi and Qatari regimes.

Workers in the West must defend the Syrian people against this ongoing and bloody intervention by the imperialist powers and their Gulf state servants.

They must demand that the US and UK stop arming the Gulf states, and support the struggles of the Saudi, Bahraini and Qatari masses to overthrow their feudal regimes.

Above all, the UK workers and their trade unions must declare their solidarity with the Syrian people by declaring that the enemy of the British workers is at home, and that the same ruling class that is plotting and organising mass murder in Syria is plotting and carrying out the destruction of the welfare state at home.

Workers in the UK must join hands with the masses of Syria to smash imperialism, both in the Middle East and at home, with socialist revolutions.