Coalition ready for Mumbai-style heavy weapons battles in cities


UK security chiefs have ordered an acceleration in police heavy weapons training so that they can hold the line against Mumbai-style attacks in UK city centres, until the SAS can be brought up to go in for the kill.

A series of counter-terrorism exercises are already being held with police and the SAS, despite the fact that it is admitted that there is no indication that such attacks are imminent on the UK.

The police have already been given much higher firepower weapons and had their stocks of ammunition increased, without any discussion in parliament.

The plan is that the police will go in first with machine guns and hand grenades.

Ex-Labour government security chief Lord West confirmed yesterday that: ‘There is no way, except at immense cost, you could have SAS-level trained troops in every part of the country to be able to respond in the timescale you’d need. The police are there and have to do that first response.’

The British ruling class is preparing for heavy fighting in the cities which would inevitably bring with it very heavy casualties.

Their preparations for Mumbais in the UK is in fact an expression of the determination of British imperialism to play its full part as an ally of US imperialism in the current war in Afghanistan, and in future gas and oil wars against Iran, and other states, with a view to colonising oil and gas rich states, like the Muslim states of Central Asia.

If you slaughter already oppressed nations then they will hit back. This is the source of anti-imperialist terrorism, and the attacks that we have seen from the demolition of the Twin Towers on September 11 2001, to the July 2005 suicide bombings on London’s transport system, which killed 52 people.

It is a fact that the horrors of the occupation of Iraq unleashed on that country by Bush and Blair, to grab Iraq’s oil riches, have instilled in tens of thousands of Iraqis and others a determination to gain revenge for those who were humiliated, tortured, and murdered by imperialist forces and their local stooges.

Imperialist bloodbaths can only produce anti-imperialist fighters, among whom will be terrorists, paying back the imperialists in like coin, mother for mother and daughter for daughter.

This is not a Muslim issue. The 800 years of the occupation and oppression of Ireland has produced liberation fighters, among them terrorists, who still remain determined to put an end to British imperialist rule over Ireland.

The preparation of the government and its police and military chiefs for civil war in city centres is an expression of their understanding of the reaction that their oil wars will continue to produce.

To have a world free from terror means disarming and overthrowing the imperialist powers whose terrorist actions in Iraq, and their intention to do the same to Iran, is the source of world terrorism.

It was Marx who brought forward the slogan ‘workers of the world unite’, and said that the working class had a world to win and nothing to lose but its chains.

World capitalism is now gripped by its greatest ever crisis, and the imperialists are preparing civil wars on the working class at home and new murderous assaults on the oppressed nations abroad.

Working people must unite and advance the world socialist revolution to smash capitalism and imperialism, to replace the insane capitalist social system, built through exploitation and mass murder, with a world socialist republic, and a worldwide planned socialist economy, that will replace the capitalist law of the jungle with socialism and human solidarity.