Build The Wrp And The Ys – Forward To The British Socialist Revolution


NOW is the time to build the WRP and the Young Socialists into the leadership of the working class and the student youth for the organisation of the British socialist revolution.

There is no reformist way out of the capitalist crisis for either the working class, the middle class or the youth. They are to be stripped of all of their gains.

There is already record youth unemployment, while unemployment generally is poised to hurtle over three million this year as mass sackings in the public sector workforce, including the NHS, take place.

This is at the same time as there is runaway inflation in the prices of basic necessities, while wages are either being openly cut, or slashed by rapidly rising prices.

Workers are furious at the mockery of the official inflation rate figures of 3.7 per cent CPI and 5.1 per cent RPI. The real inflation rate figure is at least treble the RPI rate, as petrol, food, clothes, electricity and gas prices, plus fares, escalate out of control.

To rub salt into the wounds of young people, they face £9,000 tuition fees, or if they are unemployed, a loss of benefit for three years if they do not take slave labour ‘jobs’.

To show that they have got it in for everybody, coalition spokesmen are announcing that the ‘baby boom’ generation will have to pay for their own retirement, regardless of the taxes that they have paid!

To come, are a number of rises in interest rates as inflation drives forward and the capitalist crisis deepens. These rises will crash thousands of the weakest companies adding hundreds of thousands to the dole queues, and also push up mortgage interest rates, so that large numbers of mortgage payers will lose their homes.

The biggest blow of all is that the NHS is to be ruthlessly cut and privatised out of existence!

While the working class and the middle class are made to suffer, the bosses and the bankers will be enjoying million pound bonuses and super profits as Barclays testified, when it declared that it had paid £133 million corporation tax out of £11bn profits, a tax rate of two per cent!

This is the historical crisis of British capitalism. It is broken and can only survive on the bones of the working class.

The working class will resist this future with a fury that will put all past revolutions into the shade.

This is why the revolutionary leadership must be built while there is still the time to do so.

There is a huge movement of resistance developing which must be transformed into a conscious revolutionary movement to overthrow the ruling class, beginning with bringing down its coalition!

The WRP and the YS will lead the struggle to establish Councils of Action to unite communities and trade unions to occupy all hospitals that are threatened with closure and keep them open, and functioning.

Every job must be defended and factories, and places of work also occupied and put under workers’ control to stop closures and mass sackings. Unions must adopt this as their policy.

The trade unions must draw up their own cost of living index based on the real inflation rate and take action to secure wage rises based on this rate.

When the ruling class responds that crisis-ridden capitalism cannot afford this programme, then the trade unions must respond that the working class and the middle class cannot afford to tolerate the capitalist system any longer.

The trade unions must be made to call a general strike to bring down the coalition and bring in a workers government and a socialist planned economy.

The greatest danger that the working class faces is from its ‘enemy within’, that is the trade union bureaucracy that accepts capitalism and wants to end its days on the benches of the House of Lords.

The WRP and YS must be built to organise the removal and replacement of these leaders by a revolutionary leadership prepared to mobilise the working class to take the power.