Build the Revolutionary Leadership – Forward to the Socialist Revolution!


THE MASSIVE vote of over 17 million workers and youth to leave the EU on March 29th has driven the ruling class and its political representatives into a major crisis. They are now completely discrediting bourgeois democracy as they twist and turn to try to avoid leaving the EU, which they fear will turn out to be a death sentence for the ruling class.

Nick Timothy was one of PM May’s key advisers at the time when she was appointed PM, by The 1922 Committee and publicly vowed to see Brexit through.

Timothy has told the BBC what the PM’s real mission was when The 1922 Committee put her into office without an election, and how she progressed from ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ to the current ‘a bad deal is better than no deal’.

He said that the prime minister has seen Brexit as a problem rather than an opportunity, and that she saw her Brexit policy as a ‘damage limitation exercise’. She and other ministers have ‘struggled to see any economic upside’.

Timothy says that: ‘They have been trying to manage what they see as problems, rather than seeing the opportunities. If you see it in that way, then inevitably you’re not going to be prepared to take the steps that would enable you to fully realise the economic opportunities of leaving.’

The Labour Party, meanwhile, has gone from  Corbyn’s support of the EU referendum result – with which he removed May’s majority in the 2017 General Election, and recruited hundreds of thousands of new members – to a civil war as MPs used to EU perks of all kinds refuse to fight for Labour’s General Election policy.

What is happening is that the ruling class having allowed one huge mistake when it permitted Cameron and Osborne to call a referendum on the  EU, is absolutely determined not to make another one, and allow a Corbyn-led government to take office.

They fear that Corbyn as PM would touch off a massive movement of workers  to claw back from the ruling class all that they have lost since the 2008 crash.

This fear of the working class has been further fuelled by the numerous predictions that a massive new crash is on hand, as well as a trade war, and that under a Corbyn government an unstoppable movement would develop to expropriate the bosses and bankers and bring in socialism.

This situation of a new ‘threatening catastrophe’ for capitalism is the key to the absolute vitriolic treatment of Corbyn. He is accused of being an anti-Semite, and a supporter of terrorism, of being an enemy of the UK, and a man that cannot be allowed to become PM.

The handful of Labour MPs that have walked out of the party have refused to say that they would recommend workers to vote for a Corbyn-led Labour government. Instead, they have mounted a campaign that Corbyn is an anti-Semite, and that the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic and therefore by definition a neo-fascist party!

They have left behind a block of right wing MPs who not only are desperate to stay in the EU, but also to remove Corbyn. Now they have a leader, Labour’s Deputy Leader Watson.

With his demand that all allegations of anti-Semitism are passed to him and not to the General Secretary of the party, he is establishing a party within a party that will stab Labour in the back, when the ruling class tells it that they must put country, that is the ruling class before party, and form a national government.

Corbyn’s response to this party within the party has been to move further right and agree to a second referendum on the EU to try to avoid a split.

The working class that spoke out so strongly in the 2016 referendum, must now take action and use its strength to ensure that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th, and that the May government is brought down and removed from the scene and replaced with a workers government.

This is the time for the building up of the WRP and the Young Socialists into mass movements so as to provide the necessary revolutionary leadership for the working class.

Such a development will split the Labour Party, see its right wing ejected, and create the conditions for a socialist revolution to force through Brexit and extend it throughout Europe to put an end to the EU and bring in a Socialist United States of Europe.