BOTH THE MAJOR parliamentary parties, Tory and Labour are in turmoil, with splits taking place and more splits to come, as the ruling class trembles as March 29th approaches, and it will have to face the UK working class on its own, without the European Court of Justice to help prop it up.

This crisis is of their own making. Tory leader Cameron, and his Chancellor Osborne decided in 2016 to call a referendum, to show the massive support there was for the bosses’ and bankers’ EU, and to put the Tory eurosceptic wing to the sword.

The calling of the referendum, plus the letters to every household told the people that they would decide whether  the UK stayed in the EU or not, and that parliament awaited their directive, and would carry it out This  reads now like a suicide note for the ruling class.

The Remain vote was supported by the Tory leadership, the Labour leadership, the Lib Dems the SNP and 90 per cent of the trade union leaders. They were trounced by the 17 million plus vote to leave the EU. MPs in a state of shock then voted for Article 50, including that the UK would leave the EU on March 29th 2019.

Since then, MPs have partly recovered from the shock of their defeat and, egged on by the bosses and bankers, have sought to smash the democratic majority vote into smithereens.

Leaving day now rapidly approaches and MPs have rejected the offer of the EU that the UK could formally leave after paying £39bn, but would have to agree to a membership of the customs union, with all that entails until the EU decides otherwise.

Both Leave and Remainer MPs have voted this position down, with the majority group saying that they want to remain 100 per cent in the EU, so that they can take part in its decision-making.

All sides have been aghast that the mass of the working class remains in support of ‘Leave’ and millions of  workers are determined to leave on  March 29th.

The bosses and bankers and the Remain MPs see the workers decision to leave the EU as an anticipation of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ and are determined to defeat it by any means necessary.

The cowardly Labourites are now working out how the democratic will of the working class and the middle class class can be defied and defeated.

While Tory cabinet ministers are demanding that the March 29th leaving date be postponed, Labour Party leaders are looking at a scheme worthy of a petty thief to steal the referendum result with a new ballot.

A plan put forward by Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson would support the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on the condition it is later put to a confirmatory public vote. The House of Commons could be asked to vote on this Kyle-Wilson amendment next week.

Labour Shadow Chancellor McDonnell said any such referendum would have remaining in the European Union as the alternative to the deal.

‘If we were going on a People’s Vote based on a deal that has gone through Parliament in some form, if that got voted down, then you’d have status quo and that would be Remain,’ he explained.

The Shadow Chancellor said that if it was an option ‘I’d campaign for Remain and I’d vote for Remain’.

The plot is to steal the referendum result and then dump it. However, a referendum to say yea or nay to the May deal proves nothing since her deal is opposed by many who want a ‘no deal exit’ from the EU.

McDonnell and Co are getting ready in fact to knife parliamentary democracy and parliament’s decision that the electorate should decide on this issue.

He is opening up the way for a rule through referendum, rather than by a bourgeois parliament. After all why should a referendum be limited to Brexit. Issues such as war as evidenced by Blair’s attack on Iraq, based on lies, should be left to a referendum of the people. Issues such as Universal Credit – should they also not be left to referenda run by the capitalist state?

In knifing the Brexit referendum result McDonnell and others are knifing bourgeois democracy and paving the way for a dictatorial rule by referenda organised by the capitalist state.

The working class must use its power to see that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th and that rotting bourgeois democracy is replaced by the dictatorship of the proletariat that will bring in socialism.