Bring Down The May Government, Quit Eu And Bring In Socialism!


GENERAL LORD Dannatt, the chief of the General Staff from 2006-2009, writing in The Daily Telegraph, has bemoaned the ‘national embarrassment of almost biblical proportions’ caused by drone fliers being able to bring Gatwick Airport to a standstill.

He says with ‘most of Europe already sniggering at the UK over our government’s inept handling of Brexit, we did not need to add more lines to the pantomime script’. In these few lines, the general staff has gone public, and there is just a hint that just as Mussolini was necessary to get the trains running on time in Italy, the military may well have to do a similar job here.

He demands ‘robust action’. In fact, as he states the dangers of a drone attack were well known. What he does not say is that the drive to maximise profit was behind the refusal to get ready for a drone attack.

He rebuked Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, for doing nothing. But Grayling has a record for opposition to safety measures. In fact the same Grayling is supporting, in the interests of profitability, the drive by rail privateers to get rid of rail guards on trains to make the industry even more profitable.

Like air transport, millions travel by rail every day – for Grayling profitability without guards is better than more safety with guards! The Field Marshal is actually complaining about capitalism at work. On Brexit ‘inept handling’ is surely shorthand for a situation where May a ‘Remainer’ was put into office as PM after the referendum, to make sure that Brexit was ineffectual and that the bosses and bankers would have their way and be able to stay in the EU.

She began with ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, and moved onto that her bad deal was better than no deal. Meanwhile, her Tory MPs along with a number of Labour MPs are getting ready for a parliamentary coup to dump Brexit. This will create a situation where Dannatt’s men and women in uniform will have to intervene on the streets when millions demonstrate for their referendum vote to be honoured as promised to them by the government and parliament.

In fact, the May government is reactionary through and through, and is terrified of what will happen when the working class breaks free of the EU and demands a government that will expropriate the bosses to make way for socialism.

In Britain and world wide May’s policy is counter-revolutionary. Side-by-side with a permanent austerity programme that has pauperised millions the government is spending billions on two new giant aircraft carriers, their support ships and over one hundred US aircraft to operate from them.

It is also constructing a dock in Bahrain and negotiating new bases in the Gulf, from which to operate from. Once again workers are paying for this re-armament with the permanent imposition of austerity.

We know that May has got a very close relationship with the Gulf feudalists. However, now she is organising the same type of relationship with the Poroshenko regime in the Ukraine, which is maintained in power by armed fascist bands.

Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson has just been to Odessa where he solidarised the UK with the Ukrainian government, promising to send more British ships to the Black Sea and the waters off the Crimea to support the Ukraine which is planning more provocations in the area.

The Ukrainian government is planning provocations against Russia, and to involve the UK in them, bringing about the danger of a new Crimea War. May and Williamson are now playing this game.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian parliament has voted for a public holiday throughout the Ukraine on the 110th anniversary of the birth of Stefan Bandera, the Ukrainian fascist leader who fought alongside Hitler’s Germany, and slaughtered Jews, Poles and Communists in widespread pogroms. This is the character of the new political playmates of May and Williamson.

All the more reason for a huge after-Xmas push by the UK working class to bring down the May regime, bring in a workers government to break with the EU at once, and expropriate the British bosses to bring in socialism. Such an example will be followed throughout the EU, and see it replaced by the Socialist United States of Europe.