Break with the EU now! Forward to a Workers Government and the United Socialist States of Europe!


WHEN TORY PM May went to the European Union to try and sell her Chequers plan she was met with a unanimous ‘NO’ from the EU leaders. She left with her tail between her legs to face the music back in the UK. The EU is opposed to Chequers, the remainers are opposed to Chequers, the Brexiteers are opposed to Chequers and everyone is opposed to May.

It is clear that the working class which pushed the ‘Leave’ referendum vote through must now use its industrial and political strength to force a complete break with the EU, to bring down the Tories and go forward to a socialist UK. This is the only way out of the crisis, which is in fact the death agony of British capitalism with European capitalism not too far behind. In fact, it was the disorientated UK rulers Cameron and Osborne who called the Referendum in order to get a huge vote to stay in the EU.

They were completely disorientated, and represented a ruling class that had lost its major imperialist role in the world and saw its salvation in being just a cog in the wheel of Franco-German capitalism. It says everything about the disorientation of the UK ruling class, that having lost the referendum, they put ‘Remainers’ in charge of leaving the EU, a recipe for a continuing disaster and for sabotage.

The comedy of a disorientated ruling class that has now lost ‘its right to rule’ has turned into a massive farce. President Macron of France spat snake venom, stating, ‘Brexit is the choice of the British people and it is a choice pushed by certain people who predicted easy solutions. Brexit has shown us one thing … those who said you can easily do without Europe, that it will all go very well, that it is easy and there will be lots of money, are liars.’ It is the punishment cells for the UK working class!

In fact, Macron is desperate to put the UK fire out because France is already ablaze, with mass strikes against his policies and with polls showing 61% of French people want out of the EU too. Italy and Germany are not too far behind, while the ruin of Greece is continuing. Macron’s venom comes from acute fear. The EU ruling classes are fearful that the British working class will not only break with the EU, but will advance to socialism, and provide an example to the EU workers of how to deal with the would-be emperors and dictators of the EU.

Greece’s youth unemployment hit a high of 45.4% in January of this year. And not just Greece: there is mass youth unemployment across the whole of Europe. Spain has a youth unemployment rate of 33.4%, there is mass unemployment in Italy, Portugal and in France. The Italian state is bankrupt; its debt-to-GDP ratio is also over 100% at 133.4%. Portugal is at 126.4%.

The European Union is failing fast. It is a bankrupt union of bosses and bankers out to exploit workers, students and youth for every euro and cent they earn – driving families into poverty, unemployment, homelessness and debt. Workers across Europe have had ten years of austerity, with the entire weight of the 2007-8 global financial crash piled on their shoulders. They have had enough! This is the reality that drives Macron’s spleen!

The British working class has now got to carry out its historic mission, that Karl Marx was the first to enunciate in Capital. They can now see that their rulers are incapable of breaking with the EU because British capitalism itself is in its death agony. UK capitalism cannot stand on its own two feet. It has no industry, no colonies, only banks and bankers, who see the EU as a form of insurance against the working class.

The opposition to the EU in the ruling class, the Boris Johnsons, see the US as a much better master, from which more spoils would be available. The working class must now push forward to organise industrial and political action to force through the break with the EU, through carrying out a socialist revolution.

The Tories must be brought down, the bosses and the bankers must be expropriated so that jobs and homes and a better life can be provided for all. Such a revolution will spread like wildfire throughout Europe. This is what the Macrons fear. Break from the EU now! Forward with the British socialist revolution! Forward to the Socialist United States of Europe!