Biden calls for regime change in Russia – workers prepare for regime change through socialist revolution at home


IN AN unscripted departure from his speech in Poland on Sunday, US president Joe Biden blurted out that the real aim of the war on Russia and all the sanctions imposed by imperialism have only one aim – to carry out a regime change.

Immediately, the other NATO leaders rushed to distance themselves from Biden’s call for the overthrow of president Vladimir Putin.

Even members of his own administration were forced to disown Biden’s ‘gaff’ and he himself had to shout out ‘No’ when asked by a journalist if bringing down Putin was his aim.

Regime change is the one thing that the imperialist leaders are desperate to keep hidden from the world – especially from their own working class who are expected to pay the cost for this war.

In fact, Biden blurting out the truth comes as no surprise – imperialism has always wanted and worked for regime change in Russia in order to destroy the socialised property relations established by the 1917 revolution.

After the 1917 revolution, 14 armies from the west invaded Soviet Russia in order to smash the Bolshevik revolution. These armies were driven out, but since then it has always been the drive of the imperialist powers to return Russia with all its wealth back into the capitalist world.

Biden’s crime was to come out and declare it openly. His unscripted words at a stroke exploded the myth that the working class have to make sacrifices in the name of defending ‘democracy’ in Europe.

The working class in Europe, the UK and America are being driven into poverty in an attempt to stave off capitalist collapse through reconquest of the land capitalism was driven from by socialist revolution.

What has really put the cat amongst the pigeons is that Biden’s admission coincides with an even greater regime change that is emerging in the imperialist countries themselves, as workers refuse to passively accept seeing their lives smashed apart by capitalist crisis and are forcing their trade union leaders to take action.

This was clearly spelt out in the decision by the giant Unite union at the weekend to suspend Labour councillors in Coventry who are members of the union on the grounds that they have sabotaged a strike by bin workers.

The suspension and the threat of expulsion from the union of a number of Labour councillors accused of organising scabs to break a strike may, on the surface, appear to be a small matter but, in fact, it is a sign of the massive changes taking place within the working class and its unions.

It goes along with Unite and other unions cutting back on Labour Party funding on the grounds that Labour no longer fights for workers.

The next step will be to break completely with the Labour Party, as workers have had enough of a Labour leadership that crawls before the Tories and collaborates to keep in power a Tory government determined to make the working class pay for capitalist recession.

Workers across the country are rising up demanding that their unions stand up and fight.

They are forcing an end to the old cosy relationship between the trade union leaders and the bosses and government, and are engaging in mass action to defend themselves from being thrown into poverty to protect the profits of the bosses and bankers.

The working class is getting ready for a real struggle as it rises up against a capitalist system that will pauperise it to crush Russia and smash the gains of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

This is the beginning of the struggle for power that will develop very rapidly under the impact of the inflationary capitalist crisis accelerated by the war for regime change in Russia.

The struggle is on for the greatest regime change ever – the overthrow of this bankrupt capitalist system and its replacement with socialism.

This requires the urgent building of the WRP and Young Socialists in Britain and revolutionary sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to lead the struggle for the world socialist revolution to victory.