American Terrorists Launch Murderous Attack On Syria


SYRIA has protested angrily to both the US and Iraq after a terror raid by four US helicopters inside its territory killed eight Syrian civilians, four of them children, in an attack on a farm in the Abu Kamal border area.

Syria summoned US and Iraqi puppet envoys to condemn to them this ‘aggressive act’.

A Syrian government statement said: ‘Syria condemns this aggression and holds the American forces responsible for this aggression and all its repercussions.’

Syria’s press attache in London, Jihad Makdissi, told the BBC the incident was ‘an outrageous crime and an act of aggression’, while its foreign minister said in London that Syria would confront the US troops if there was another raid.

A US military official said of the raid: ‘We are taking matters into our own hands.’

The US has long been boasting that with the advent of the ‘awakening councils’ that the ‘terrorist threat’ in Anbar province which borders Syria, and also along the Syrian border with Iraq is minimal.

Now it has suddenly become so great that it has had to invade Syria and slaughter a group of its citizens.

What is really happening is that the US is fearful that it is losing its grip on the Middle East.

In Iraq, the US is pressuring its puppet regime to defy the wishes of 99 per cent of the Iraqi people by signing a security pact with the US.

This pact is another unequal treaty that will allow US combat troops to remain in Iraq until the end of 2011, and later if the Iraqi government so desires.

It will also allow non-combat US forces to remain in Iraq after 2011 to service and man the series of military bases that the US is building that will contain enough equipment so as to be able to go to war in the region at any time that it wishes against Syria or Iran.

The US intends to remain in Iraq in one way or another, and to defy the demands of the Iraqi people that it must go. Puppet leaders are even telling their followers that unless the security deal is signed there will be a US organised military coup to overthrow the Maliki regime.

Currently the EU, with President Sarkozy taking the initiative, is seeking to get Syria and the Lebanon to settle their differences and for both to have a working relationship with the EU.

This is just months after Israel bombed Syria looking to destroy an alleged but non existent nuclear weapons programme.

The US launched its terror raid on Syria to try and end any EU-Syrian relationship, since it weakens the US and Israel in the region. It was also keen to show its Iraqi puppets that the leopard had not changed its spots.

This tactic appears to have had an impact. Yesterday the Foreign Secretary of Syria was in the UK and was due to have a press conference with UK Foreign Secretary Milliband.

After the raid a very nervous Labour government cancelled the joint press conference, while the Syrian ambassador made a statement at his own press conference denouncing the US attack.

The US is engaged in a form of gunboat diplomacy, murdering innocent civilians in order to send a message to its allies to call off their flirtation with Syria, and to sign the Iraq security deal.

The premeditated and murderous terror raid exposed was its diplomacy by other means.

The trade unions in Britain must mount a campaign of solidarity with Syria against the US terrorists.

They must demand of Brown that all British troops be withdrawn from the Middle East and Afghanistan, since there can be no peace in the Middle East or in central Asia while these countries are under occupation.

The trade unions must further impose a full trade and transport boycott of Israel until an independent Palestinian state has been established with full rights, and the Golan Heights has been returned to Syria.