‘Yellow Vests who have lost eyes and limbs demand justice’

French riot police using maximum violence to try and end the working class and middle class Yellow Vest protest actions

Tens of thousands of ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstrators took part in anti-government protests across France on Saturday.

Police used tear gas against them in streets across the country for the 14th consecutive weekend.
France’s interior ministry said a total of 41,500 people took part in protests across the country on Saturday, including some 5,000 people in Paris, although the organisers of the march said many more attended.
‘We are 15,000 (in Paris), that means the movement is increasing,’ demonstrator Jerome Rodrigues reported.
Rodrigues, who lost an eye after emerging as one of the leaders of the movement said: ‘I lost my eye Macron, and you will pay for it,’ he recently posted on Facebook.
‘This is not normal. We are in France, one of the oldest and best democracies in the world,’ said Fiorina Jacob Lignier, who lost her eye at a demonstration in Paris on December 8th.
‘We usually condemn from afar other countries where this occurs. That this is happening here is unbelievable.
‘I do not recognise my country: Yellow Vests who have lost eyes, limbs demand justice from Macron.’