Workers support WRP candidates

WRP candidate JONTY LEFF campaigning in Hackney South and Shoreditch is already getting a great response

‘I AM voting Jonty Leff WRP because I want Universal Credit scrapped,’ David Vervin said as the team fighting to get Leff elected launched their campaign.

Vervin added: ‘I was on ESA and getting paid £250 a fortnight.

‘Now I have been moved over to Universal Credit I get paid £250 a month! That’s a big drop!

‘We need to get rid of the whole system. We have to have strikes and an all-out general strike and kick this government out.

‘I believe in Brexit. But the way that this government are doing it is all wrong.

‘They say they are doing this and that but they are doing nothing.

‘We voted to leave in 2016 and we still have not left.

‘We need a different system, I want Socialism.

‘When I was young and Thatcher was in power they cut the mines and destroyed the jobs and industries.

‘I have a son who is 16 and there is nothing for young people.

‘Minimum wage is not enough to live off and Universal Credit is the worst thing they have done.’

The Peckham election campaign also got off to flying start on Monday with workers and youth signing up to join the Workers Revolutionary Party and supporting the candidate Joshua Ogunleye.

Marcus Madrid, a 19-year-old student, said: ‘I will vote for Joshua. He speaks sense. I agree with quitting the EU and a Socialist United States of Europe.

‘Young people should be treated better than how they are treated today. They need decent jobs and support to get housing and free education. Finding a job is not easy.

‘Zero hours contracts are not easy. Zero hours contracts are not housing. Housing needs to be more affordable because young people can’t afford it right now.

‘If you can’t and it’s there that means it is not meant for you. This needs to change. We need housing for young people to live in.

A worker, Delroy Brown, said: ‘I agree with the Workers Revolutionary Party’s policy on Brexit.

‘The euro and Deutsche Bank are crashing. They are having a revolution in France. Italy wants to go back to the lira. The EU should be ashamed of what it did to Greece. They bankrupted the country and took over its resources.

‘We voted and the will of the people must be heard. That is democracy and if it takes a workers’ revolution to carry it out so be it.’

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