‘WE WANT OUR JOBS BACK’ say Gate Gourmet workers


Locked out Gate Gourmet workers insisted to News Line yesterday they want their jobs back.

On the picket line at Heathrow Airport Jarnail, said: ‘I want my job back on the old terms and conditions. I don’t want compensation or redundancy.

‘The union leaders should have fought for every job from the beginning of the strike.’

Pickets said that they had been urged by the Transport and General Workers union to send an ‘appeal form’ to the company.

Mrs M Odedra said: ‘The union leaders are playing with us I’m sure of it, they are not telling us the truth.

‘They have given us each an individual appeal form, they told us to send it to Gate Gourmet but I gave it straight back.

‘I want to tell all the workers at Heathrow don’t trust the T&G leaders, we have to change the whole leadership, all T&G officers, otherwise there will be no T&G.

‘Tony Woodley’s first words when we came out were – one out all out, one in all in – but that’s all gone. Now they have spent nearly three months trying to divide us, they want us to finish the three months just the same as we came out – empty handed.’

Fellow picket, Ferdinand Babalari, said: ‘I’m upset that the union leaders campaigned for this agreement with Gate Gourmet knowing that it was full of problems.

‘They told us that it was the best deal but I don’t believe it and none of us have seen it.’

Harshad Rathod, a worker from Spain Ltd, radiator manufacturers in Gujarat, India, visited the picket line yesterday.

He told News Line: ‘What Gate Gourmet has done must be beaten, how can this happen in the UK? The trade union must win this otherwise all employers will do the same in the UK and in every country.’